Winterize Your Skin From The Inside Out


6 easy tips on¬†eliminating and preventing dry, cracked, itchy skin While grabbing a scarf, hat, gloves and long johns may be instant ways to ward off the unwelcome chill of winter, preventing and caring for seasonal skin problems such as dryness, dullness, itching and flaking call for more targeted cold-weather skin care strategies based on well-researched, up-to-the-minute … [Read more...]

Tips On Ending on Winter Dryness


Boots? Check! Parka? Check! Insulated gloves? Check! Those of us living in cold climates have a mental checklist we run through to protect our bodies before stepping outside in winter. Yet the season brings challenges in mild zones as well. Humidity drops in wintertime, and the heating systems of our homes and workplaces suck up what little moisture is in the air. You can … [Read more...]