Curvy Couture’s Holiday 2012 Lookbook Channels Classic Hollywood

Animal Skin Lace Corset, Curvy Couture Collection

If you’re a diva who adores couture Hollywood, then the beautiful and glamourous undergarments from Curvy Couture Collection may be perfect for you. A woman’s curves deserve to be supported in the most exciting and elegant way and Curvy Couture’s line of bras, panties and corsets do just that with their signature detailing. Curvy Couture Collection was founded by Dora Lau of … [Read more...]

Wearing Plus Size Underwear & Lingerie With Confidence


Pick bright colors: Purchasing plus size underwear doesn’t have to mean buying plain white cotton, beige or muted dull colors! To boost your self esteem as well as your mood try only buying underwear that is bright, cheerful and full of color! Add your own embellishments: If you still feel that your undergarments lack character and style it may be time to pull out your own … [Read more...]

Stylist Undergarment Tricks – Be Creative


By: West Coast Style Editor, Reah Norman I have a few tricks up my sleeve for using undergarments in creative ways, that I use myself when modeling or attending events, and offer to my clients whether for a shoot, runway show, special event, or just every day wear and go. Biker Shorts: One of my favorite tricks as a plus size woman, a model and a stylist is- biker shorts!  I … [Read more...]

Warmer Months Wardrobe Basics

  As the weather heats up your wardrobe shifts slightly. Some items are interchangable and can be worn during different seasons while others work best during the warmer months.  When going shopping for your summer wardrobe keep these warm weather basics in mind.  SUMMER DRESS Summer dresses are feminine dresses that come in pastels, floral prints or lace.  They can be … [Read more...]

Bra Sizes Increase In The Last Ten Years


Over the last ten years, there has been an increase in the average bra size that women wear.  In 1996 the average size was a 36C now it's a 36DD.   Due to this increase, the full figure bra business is booming.  In fact, the entire industry is doing quite well with sales increasing by 7.4% between 2008 and 2009.  Many believe that Oprah being an advocate for proper fitting … [Read more...]

Lingerie Drawer ReVamp


Why are we holding on to lingerie and all it encompasses from decades back? Its time to get it together and rid ourselves of ill fitting, faded, falling apart undergarments.  Keep in mind the same is true for your nighties, baby dolls, chemises, teddies and negligees. If our lingerie is ill fitting then it defeats the purpose. For some reason we will buy a different size in … [Read more...]

LaneBryant Makes A Splash With New Swimwear


Lane Bryant is trying to make it easy for their customers to head to the beach this summer with the introduction of their private label swimwear. Described as a fresh, new swimwear collection it features the most popular underwire bra frames and a variety of mix and match separates serving customers the elusive mix of fashion, fit and versatility. The collection centers around … [Read more...]