Two things wrong with this world: Fat-free sour cream & SEXTING


By: Jennifer McGuire Sexting sort of makes sense in this day and age, I guess. It’s the seedier poor cousin of online dating. You meet a guy online. You email increasingly personal information back and forth (which I would also advise against, but never mind). After a dozen or so ‘conversations’ it’s make or break time. Either you go out or chicken out. Meaning, either you can … [Read more...]

Texting In Love: How Cell Phone Texting Can Save Your Relationship?


With so many celebrities getting busted for sexting, Relationship Coach Michael Fiore thinks lovebirds can use technology to spark a flame in their relationships. In some ways, electronic love mail or Love letters 2.0 are more romantic than love letters of the past because the contact is much more frequent so when you’re crazy-in-love you might be texting every five minutes, … [Read more...]