Sexy Plus Size Traffic Stoppers


With the holiday season officially upon us, it’s time to bring out those festive yet sexy pieces that will not only stop traffic but cause accidents!! Jessica Simpson Fringe Earrings, 32.00, Striped Vest Style Corset, $60.95, Faux Leather Ponte Skirt, $26.90, Masqurede Pumps, $39.99, Alexandra Red Dress, $128.00, About Valery […]

About Valery Amador

Valery serves as Daily Venus Diva's Creative Director, and is the Co-founder of, an online publishing company.

Texting And Driving Does Not Mix


Many people take the “No Driving While Texting” movement lightly.  If you’ve ever been in a car with a person who insists on texting while operating a large motor vehicle and you actually paid attention to their driving habits, you are aware of how dangerous it can be.  The distractions may go unnoticed but a […]

About Editor-In-Chief, Stephanie Penn

A Detroit, MI native, Stephanie Penn is the Editor-In-Chief of the award winning plus size fashion and lifestyle website, Stephanie has been featured on The Morning Show (Austalia) and Under Stephanie’s direction has been featured on CNN, The Huffington Post and Vogue. Ms. Penn has had the opportunity to partner and work with several brands and retailers including Just My Size, Igigi, City Chic and Ashley Stewart in a number of capacities. Stephanie is also a member of the planning committee for The International Fuller Woman Expo. As the only online magazine dedicated to plus size women delivering daily content, Stephanie is proud to bring the readers articles and news from experts in a number of fields.