2013 Spring Beauty Trends: Nails, Lips & Eyes

2013 Nail Trends: mixed textures, accent nails, nail art & colors

Spring is notorious for introducing us to new colors and trends in the beauty department. 2013 is full of fun, flirty and amazing new beauty trends that we can’t wait to incorporate into our daily beauty routine. Here are the top spring trends for nails, lips and eyes according to our friends at Tini Beauty. NAILS   From red carpet to runway, nails are the … [Read more...]

Red Lipstick Commandments: Rules For Rocking Red Lips


Rocking the red lips have been a classic staple in makeup, and some people are still a bit hesitant in going scarlet because they are unaware of the rules on wearing red lipstick. I can tell you this: It is possible to use that bit of red on your lips, regardless of your skin tone. You can never go wrong when you follow these rules. There's a difference between tacky and … [Read more...]

Adele’s Louboutin Manicure: Get The Look


Recreate Adele’s Louboutin Manicure There used to be a time when all you needed was a pair of standout eye-popping stilettos to match your purse. Today, your outfit also calls for a custom manicure. Embellished nail art adorned the red carpet this season as the hottest new accessory. Celebrities like Adele and Rihanna are sporting dagger-shaped nails inspired by their heels … [Read more...]

Nail Trend: Claw Your Way Into 2012


Some of your favorite celebrities are clawing their way to the top. The newest nail trend involves manicures that resemble claws. Whether you're sporting dark deep red polish, metallics or designs, this trend that surfaced in 2010 definitely makes a statement. Earlier this year we saw a more dramatic variation of this trend but in recent months the claws seen on red carpets … [Read more...]

Nail Your Look This Holiday


Information courtesy of Pretty Woman USA,www.prettywomanusa.com. ‘Tis the season for holiday parties. Whether going to an office party, friend’s home or hosting your own party, make a statement with the perfect nails to match your little black dress or colorful frock. Yes, accessories are key—but the perfect nail color can take your look to a whole new level. With the … [Read more...]

Beauty On A Budget: Gorgeous Feet


Every girl wants her feet and toes to look cute, especially in the summer! I found a great inexpensive way to make your feet look and feel amazing but don't tell everyone...shhhh it's a Daily Venus Diva secret! If you can't get to the nail salon for your pedicure or your wallet is tight but you need your feet looking good in a hurry, try Kiss Everlasting French Toenail Kit at … [Read more...]

Make Up Bargains: 10 of the Best Deals For Your Face


If you don't have money to splurge on high priced make up, then you're in luck.  There is a large selection of beauty products available to those on a budget.   Here are 10 cheap make up products for face, eyes, nails and lips. None costs more than about $7 at your local drug store, and many are priced well below $5. Mascara You can get Maybelline's Great Lash® mascara at … [Read more...]

12 Steps To The Perfect Pedicure


As the summer heats up, its time to hit the town in a pretty summer dress and sandals or the beach in some fun flirty flip-flops. No one wants to be caught with unsightly feet and toenails so here a few tips on how to do a perfect pedicure and how to protect it from yellowing UV rays with TOESavers. 1. Soak your feet for 10-15 minutes in warm water, mild soap or a … [Read more...]

Many Uses of Nail Polish


After applying a new color to your nails, you realize the shade really doesn’t suit your taste. You hastily remove it, apply on a new color and toss the old bottle aside. It stays on your dresser — unused and unopened. Later on, you see it’s all dried up. The whole bottle has gone to waste. Nail polish may be cheap, but it’s still a shame to see a pretty useful stuff go to the … [Read more...]

How To Wear The Metallic Trend

Metallic accessories are a perfect way to top off the bold colors and prints that are hot this winter because they go with everything! Today's metallic accessories can be worn every day and everywhere, but to avoid looking too “shiny,” incorporate metallics in subtle ways, with your bag, jewelry or even your nail polish! Bag Nahui Ollin offers eco-friendly handbags made from … [Read more...]