Healthy & Happy Hands for the Winter

Healthy & Happy Winter Hands

The winter months are upon us, and I know that you're already starting to see and feel the effects of the colder weather. Here are some tips and treatments from Skyy Hadley (owner of As “U” Wish Nail Spa in Hoboken, NJ) for keeping your skin, and especially your hands, healthy! Repairing Nail Splits Gloves and mittens can sometimes tear at our nails. If your nail splits, … [Read more...]

Adele’s Louboutin Manicure: Get The Look


Recreate Adele’s Louboutin Manicure There used to be a time when all you needed was a pair of standout eye-popping stilettos to match your purse. Today, your outfit also calls for a custom manicure. Embellished nail art adorned the red carpet this season as the hottest new accessory. Celebrities like Adele and Rihanna are sporting dagger-shaped nails inspired by their heels … [Read more...]

Beauty On A Budget: Gorgeous Feet


Every girl wants her feet and toes to look cute, especially in the summer! I found a great inexpensive way to make your feet look and feel amazing but don't tell everyone...shhhh it's a Daily Venus Diva secret! If you can't get to the nail salon for your pedicure or your wallet is tight but you need your feet looking good in a hurry, try Kiss Everlasting French Toenail Kit at … [Read more...]

Many Uses of Nail Polish


After applying a new color to your nails, you realize the shade really doesn’t suit your taste. You hastily remove it, apply on a new color and toss the old bottle aside. It stays on your dresser — unused and unopened. Later on, you see it’s all dried up. The whole bottle has gone to waste. Nail polish may be cheap, but it’s still a shame to see a pretty useful stuff go to the … [Read more...]