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    Monday Morning Motivation: Experience Life!

    Monday Morning Motivation with Monica Marie Jones I think while I sleep. My mind continues to work long after I am deep within slumber’s grasp. This is why I sleep with two journals and my laptop in the bed next to me and a pen on the night stand. This quote woke...

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    Monday Morning Motivation – “Please Pass The Activator”

    Monday Motivation with Author Monica Marie Jones Okay, let’s be honest…out of everyone that is reading this, who had a Jheri Curl?  For my younger subscribers who were born after the eighties, this might be a foreign term to you.  If so, simply Google “Michael Jackson with Jheri curl” and you should...

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    What’s In Your Backpack?

    By: Author Monica Marie Jones People often say that when something bad happens, or when you go through something that you’re supposed to put the past behind you and move on. This advice has always seemed to make a lot of sense but now that I think about it, where does all...