Thrive In Your Curves: Five Things Happy People Know


1) You have to choose and prioritize happiness—it doesn’t just happen. If you subscribe to the belief that your happiness is wholly dependent on what happens to you, you’ll always be dissatisfied. The truth is, your fulfillment largely depends on the choices you make: how you see the world, what you allow to influence you, what you focus on, and how you react to circumstances, … [Read more...]

Tips for Holding It Together When Times Are Tough


Richard Gunther's How High is Up: The Tale of a Restless Spirit (Greenleaf Book Group Press, 2009) is written as a love letter about life for his sons. His message is simple – times may be tough now, but they’ve been tough before, and if we can manage to keep our eyes and our hearts focused on things that truly matter, we can defeat fear and anxiety – and live well. His tips … [Read more...]