Celebrate Independence Day with ACTIVATE

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This year, do your patriotic duty for your body and celebrate with a cocktail that won’t dampen your celebration with unnecessary sugar and calories.  Free of sugar and calories and naturally sweetened with Stevia, ACTIVATE drinks are also packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Below is a recipe for a Red, White and Blue(berry) cocktail that is packed with taste, antioxidants … [Read more...]

Super Bowl Recipes From Maker’s Mark Bourbon


Super Bowl parties are as much about great snacks as they are watching the game. Not only are Super Bowl parties known for great snacks and football but beer is also a favorite past time to partake in during this event. Marker's Mark has found a way to kick up the fun with these recipe that include all of the elements necessary for a great Super Bowl party! Bourbon Apple … [Read more...]

Foods That Help With Fertility


When most of us think of fertility treatment, we imagine sophisticated diagnostic testing, powerful medications, and high-tech procedures. Choosing certain foods and drinks as a way to influence your ability to become pregnant sounds more like folktale wisdom than medical advice. Eat more To gain Whole grains B vitamins, vitamin E, fiber Fruits, … [Read more...]