Watch As John Lindo Inspires Us With His Smooth Moves

john lindo

John Lindo Makes A Living Swing Dancing! This one is for the guys! I know it is a few years old, but this video has made its rounds. We always tend to find inspiring videos for the ladies that show us to not be limited by our weight; well this one features a plus size guy. Meet swing dancer John Lindo.  John is a professional dance instructor, judge, coach and Liberty Swing … [Read more...]

Come And Have Fun At Play Date Charlotte!


When I heard about Play Date Charlotte, I instantly reached out to see how I could be apart. Play Date is a night of games and fun held in various cities. As the website says it’s “an alternative to the typical night out or social event. It provides a fun and exciting atmosphere where adults can enjoy good food & cocktails, listen to a variety of music, socialize, and meet … [Read more...]

Hosting Tips From Hampton Hotels For Your Next Celebration

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The winter holidays are over but with the new year comes other celebrations that mean traveling and handling out of town guests. Family reunions, weddings, graduations are just a few of the occasions that can stress host. Here are some hosting tips that can help you through your plans. Tip 1: Be the best OFF-SITE host ever… Let’s be honest. You love your friends and family, … [Read more...]

Holiday Wish List: What T. Marlene Wants For Christmas


Ok. Here's the whole list... My list is a dream list. It contains reasonably priced items that I love and could use right now to the extravagant. As a mom, I tend to place myself on the back burner to make sure my daughter has what she needs but also things I would like her to have. Some of these items are longtime desires. Santa pay attention please. Make up Brush set from … [Read more...]

Holiday Wish List: What Stephanie Wants For Christmas


Whenever people ask me what I want for Christmas, I really have to think long and hard.  It's not that I have everything that I want (because I don't), but trying to figure out which items are on the top of that list can be challenging.  In my opinion, your holiday wish list should include things that you can enjoy when you're alone and in my down time I read books, look at … [Read more...]

Curvy Girl Question: Which Halloween Costume Should I Wear?

Which Halloween Costume Should I Wear?

Curvy Girl Question:  Which Halloween Costume Should I Wear? I’ve always liked Halloween however I haven’t participated in years. That’s all changing as this year is the first year in ages that I’ve been invited to an adult Halloween costume party. I was super excited but then it hit me, where would I find a decent yet not too expensive Plus Size Halloween costume because I’m … [Read more...]

Halloween Fun: You Must Check Out These Fun & Inexpensive Halloween Crafts

Image Source: The Chatty Mom

Halloween Fun: You Must Check Out These Fun & Inexpensive Halloween Crafts Halloween is one of the best holidays to grab the kids and get creative. I’ve turned into a huge Pinterest fan and I’ve found some amazing crafts there. If you’re anything like me, you’re always thinking of alternative ideas to be festive other than the cutting up a pumpkin, which we may or may not … [Read more...]

10 Halloween Costumes For The Kids


10 Halloween Costumes For The Kids Halloween is celebrated by both adults and kids.  In fact, at times it seems like adults enjoy dressing up more than the little ones. We've already picked our favorite costumes for you, but we cannot forget the kids in our lives. If you are still trying to figure out what the kids could possibly go as this Halloween here is a guide to help … [Read more...]

Midwest Girls: 8 Plus Size Divas Blogging In The Midwest

Midwest Plus Size Bloggers.001

The East and West coasts are home to some of the most fashionable plus size bloggers, but what about those divas in between? If you’re like me, you reside in the middle of the country and while you may not be where the fashion action takes place, you love fashion, a great deal and flaunting your curves. Here are 8 midwest plus size blogs/bloggers that should be on your … [Read more...]

10 Family Fun Activities That You Can Do This Fall

10 Family Fun Activities That You Can Do This Fall

10 Family Fun Activities That You Can Do This Fall It’s officially fall and in some cities across the country the weather is changing and getting cooler. Kids love summer because of all the activities they can do but what about the rest of the year? I’ve got some family fun suggestions that you can do and October is just perfect for it. You’ll want to Google or check … [Read more...]

10 Plus Size Halloween Costumes Under $60


10 Plus Size Halloween Costumes Under $60 Halloween is less than a month away. No longer reserved just for kids, adults enjoy getting dressed up in costumes just as much as kids do. Shopping for plus size halloween costumes can be challenging but has made it easy for us. They have a number of costumes in stock and right now they’re offering a great sale for … [Read more...]

10 Sneakers To Run Into Fall Wearing


10 Sneakers To Run Into Fall Wearing There’s a time and place for every shoe imaginable. When you’re going to a cocktail party it makes sense to wear a pair of heels but for everything else, try wearing tennis shoes (sneakers as some of you call them). I’m a plus size woman who believes in being comfortable at all times so having a great tennis shoe is a must. With fall … [Read more...]

5 Ways To Enjoy The Summer As A Grown Up

Festival Fun

Who doesn’t love the summertime. The days are longer, the weather is warmer and there’s so much to do. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always wished I could escape work during the summer and take a summer vacation (like the kids) but I’m a grown up and bills need to be paid. So how can I, a 9 to 5 diva enjoy the warmer months? Enjoy the festivals One of the great … [Read more...]

Here Comes The Brand: 2013 Hot Summer Wedding Trends


Image Source: In a time when so many people see "different" as "good," practically anything goes in today's weddings, and each year and season brings a new trend, sometimes downright out there, other times simply beautiful, distinctive and contemporary. Wedding etiquette maven Amber Harrison was on the Today Show discussing digital wedding etiquette. … [Read more...]

For Kids Only: Summer Projects


Summer is right around the corner and I’m always looking for fun, interesting and different things to do with my daughter. While on Facebook, a friend of mine posted that Lowes and Home Depot had Saturday workshops for parents and kids. The great news is that they’re free! After checking out the workshops, I found a few more places that have similar workshops worth … [Read more...]

Surviving Wedding Season Involves More Than Hanging At The ‘Open Bar’


Featured Blogger: Stefanie Long of Just Trim The Ends Dancing, laughing and taking too many pictures marks this time of year and the happiness that surrounds weddings. We all love the free food, free booze and hopefully we don't not get stuck at a table where you don't know anyone. For those of you who have weddings to attend this year, I have a few tips to share on ways … [Read more...]

Time for Your Check-up with Doc Mcstuffins

Time for Your Check-up with Doc Mcstuffins

Today I want to highlight and introduce everyone to one of my favorite shows for my daughter Jade to watch. It premiered in March of 2012. Doc McStuffins is very encouraging for children, especially children of ethnic backgrounds. There are only a select few minority cartoons for children and the content on this one is educational and entertaining. Doc McStuffins comes on … [Read more...]

Movie Etiquette: Taking Your Kids To The Movies

Two Kids at a Scary 3-D Movie

Facebook is a great place to find conversation topics and today’s topic is Kids and Movies. A Facebook friend recently went to see the new Tyler Perry movie “Temptation”, and was quite disturbed at the fact that people had toddlers and infants in the movie theater. This is also a pet peeve of mine. It could be that my family has never done it even when I was a child, it could … [Read more...]