Holiday Decorations: Feng Shui Your Thanksgiving Celebration


Holiday Decorations:  Feng Shui Your Thanksgiving Celebration  This Thanksgiving, use Feng Shui to ensure a warm, happy and positive environment for you and your guests. Following are simple tips from Practitioner Dr. Andie Pearson, DMD: Clean and Clear: No matter what the occasion, the first step in Feng Shui is clearing clutter and cleaning […]

Men vs. Women: Who Does the Household Chores?


Men  & Women couldn’t be more different. Some of the largest differences between the two sexes have to do with Stress Management, Human Relationships, Emotions and Language.  Men have a tendency to activate their “fight or flight” mechanisms in high stress environments, while women use the “tend or befriend” technique.  When dealing with others women […]

Indulge In The Hästens Sleep Experience


Imagine this. Summer is in full swing. There’s an airy breeze outside and you’re ready to unwind. Instead of resting uncomfortably on scratching sheets and ratted pillows, Swedish bed making company Hastens comes to your rescue. Their luxury masterpieces of all-natural cotton, linen and hypoallergenic horsehair create throws, pillows and hammocks are so soft you’ll […]

Clean Out Your Closets: Profitable Spring Cleaning

Clean Out Your Closets: Profitable Spring Cleaning

As the long winter weather makes way for some welcome sunshine, we begin the annual spring cleaning event. And isn’t the best part of cleaning out your closet making room for a new summer wardrobe? Even in this tight economy, a fresh, clean closet filled with well-made clothing is still a possibility. Carolyn Schneider, expert […]

Compromising Tips for Couples Moving In Together

Tips for Couples Moving In Together

Although it is an exciting time as you and your partner enter a new chapter of your relationship, packing up and moving is also likely going to be hectic and stressful. That said, it is more important than ever to practice the art of compromising. Whether you already live together and are moving to a […]

10 Most Used New Year’s Resolutions


New Year’s is the only holiday that celebrates the passage of time. Perhaps that’s why, as the final seconds of the year tick away, we become introspective. Inevitably, that introspection turns to thoughts of self-improvement and the annual ritual of making resolutions, which offer the first of many important tools for remaking ourselves. We’ve compiled […]

12 Days of Diva, Day 4: Gifts for the Domestic Goddess

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This year and Belle Noir Magazine has partnered to bring you the 12 Days of Diva. We’ve started our 12 Days of Diva early this year so you’ll have a chance to go out an purchase the fabulous gifts that our Editors have selected with you in mind. Today’s gifts are for the Domestic Goddess. iRobot’s Roomba ($279.00; […]

How to Host the Perfect Christmas Tea Party


Christmas is a time to celebrate with family, friends, and work colleagues, but can work out to be quite expensive. If you enjoy hosting dinner parties and having meals out over the festive holidays but find that your budget doesn’t stretch that far. This article looks at how to host the perfect Christmas Tea Party […]

Property Damage – What To Do After A Storm


Putting aside intentional vandalism, a big storm is your most likely concern when it comes to acquiring property damage. A good storm can leave your roof in disrepair, your windows shattered, and your siding lying by the side of the house. If you have insurance, the monetary cost should be covered, but that doesn’t necessarily […]

Ten Easy Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like New


When you walk into your home, does the look and feel of its style make you want to just walk back out? If you are tired of your home’s current decor, but your budget won’t allow you to remodel or redecorate completely, what do you do? You look for inexpensive and easy ways to transform […]

Herbal Chic: Four Ways to a Great Smelling Wedding


Smell is a potent sense, especially when it comes to memory. Memories can be tied to a particular smell, whether it’s pecan pie and Thanksgiving dinner at your grandmother’s or the smell of your father’s favorite cologne. Whatever the smell and memory, these two together can elicit some of your fondest times year after year. […]

Beautifying the Outside of Your Home in 11 Simple Steps


Beautifying the outside of your home will increase its value and impress your neighbors. Turning your house from an eyesore into the talk of the neighborhood can be achieved in a few basic steps, not all of them expensive. Here are 11 simple steps to beautify the outside of your home. Basics: 1. A fresh […]

10 Tips for Enjoying Your Backyard This Summer

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The weather may dreary right now but summer is just around the corner! BioGuard, one of the nation’s premier suppliers of pool and spa products, wants to help make this the best summer ever with the following 10 tips, time-savers, water-care ideas, and maintenance and safety suggestions for backyard living. 1 – Safety first. Follow […]