Lane Bryant Makes A Difference In The Fight Against Breast Cancer

Making A Difference

Lane Bryant Makes A Difference In The Fight Against Breast Cancer Recently Lane Bryant, along with the American Cancer Society, Daily Venus Diva and The Fuller Woman Network hosted the "Making a Difference" initiative to raise funds for Breast Cancer research at Macomb Mall in Roseville, Michigan. THE INITIATIVE September 29 through October 31, 2014, when you buy select … [Read more...]

Facebook Bullies Forces Plus Size Clothing Store Out Of Business

Emma Thompson of Evalong Boulevard

Facebook Bullies Forces Plus Size Clothing Store Out Of Business We’ve seen the nasty comments on some of our Facebook posts that go viral. You have those internet thugs that hide behind a keyboard and a mouse that happen to find our stories in their timeline because of a friend of a friend and for some reason feel compelled to write their disgust for the plus size woman on … [Read more...]

All Eyes Are On Plus Size Model Nana Serwaa Adu-Boateng

All Eyes Are On Plus Size Model Nana Serwaa Adu-Boateng

All Eyes Are On Plus Size Model Nana Serwaa Adu-Boateng Face 2 Face Africa considers plus size model Nana Serwaa Adu-Boateng from Ghana as one to watch, and I couldn’t agree more. This beauty started modeling in 2012 has been in several print campaigns and fashion shows. One of her more notable campaigns was for Coca Cola during the 2014 World Cup! “It’s quite difficult being … [Read more...]

Australian Plus Size Business Forced To Leave Facebook & Close Its Doors

Emma Thompson of Evalong Boulevard

Australian Plus Size Business Forced To Leave Facebook & Close Its Doors Businesses flock to Facebook because of the relatively free platform to reach the all to critical piece of business: social media reach. With this free platform comes the opportunity to reach a global audience. One Australian woman found that it also leaves you open to global cyber bullying that can … [Read more...]

Cover Model Quotes: Inspiration From Past Cover Models


Since 2009, has featured plus size models, celebrities and other very important people on our covers.  After each cove model interview we walk away with a better understanding of those featured and we're always inspired by the brilliant advice that cover models share.  To celebrate the wisdom bestowed upon us during those interviews, we're featuring memorable … [Read more...]

The Fat Activism Conference Is Bringing You The Revolution, Virtually!


The Fat Activism Conference Is All About Diversity and Inclusion Earlier this year I introduced you to Jeanette Depatie, also known as “The Fat Chick." I caught her being interviewed on The Katie Show and was able to score an interview with this entertaining certified fitness instructor and public speaker. I'm happy to let you all know that Jeannette has joined forces … [Read more...]

Five Compliments That Yours Clothing’s New Interactive Dressing Rooms Should Give Plus Size Shoppers

Plus Size Retailer Yours Clothing To Feature Interactive Dressing Rooms 2

Yours Clothing Store To Feature Dressing Rooms That Give Compliments To Plus Size Shoppers Earlier this month plus size retailer Yours Clothing opened a new location in Uxbridge, London. Unlike other stores, this particular location has a twist. The Uxbridge location will feature an interactive dressing room that offers compliments to customers as they try on garments, as well … [Read more...]

How to Create Fearless Confidence: Going Beyond Skin Deep


By: Andrea Amador, The Juicy Woman When you look in the mirror, do you love what you see? Most women don’t and they feel pressured to change their appearance to feel better about their bodies. The fashion and beauty industry suggests that we just need to buy the right dress, cream or get some surgery and we’ll be fine. But we’re not. Many women admit that a bad hair day or a … [Read more...]

Nominate Your Favorite Website For Our ’50 Top Websites For Plus Size Women’ List


Nominate Your Favorite Website For Our 'Best Of' List In the past, we’ve compiled our own lists of top plus size bloggers and models but for the first annual 50 Top Websites For Plus Size Women, we want your input. We’re asking you to help us put together this list of websites that inspire, educate and celebrate plus size women. Our goal is to feature … [Read more...]

Inbox Chronicles: The Editor’s Of Discuss The Term ‘Plus Size’ In Fashion


Plus Size Or Not. Find Out What Our Editor's Think About The Term Eliminating the term “plus size” has been a hot topic lately. It seems like every other month, it’s up for discussion. Over the year’s we’ve shared our thoughts through various articles, but never have the Editor’s had a conversation about the topic. Although the focus in the media is on the term being used in … [Read more...]

What A Success! The Health & Empowerment Mother’s Day Symposium Was Inspirational

Limarie & Yve.jpg

Live-2-Empower was created by two women with one goal- EMPOWERMENT! Me and my partner, plus model & Health & Wellness Editor of Plus Model Magazine, Yve Edmond came together to create Live-2-Empower because “Curvy Confidence & Health & Wellness go Hand in Hand”. The name is a combination of our names LI + VE (Live) and also embodies our purpose driven desire … [Read more...]

A Special Day For Women: Military Spouse Makeover Mission


As told by Jewels Hay, Air Force Spouse Being a Military Spouse can be a bit challenging. We deal with the politics and we have to be strong, and set a good example in front of our children.  We all come from different parts of the world, and we have different views. But the one thing we all have in common is we are supporting our spouse. We are all part of a Military … [Read more...]

Venus Diva Of The Day: Auriel Jackson


Meet our Venus Diva of the day, Auriel Jackson. Auriel is a cosmetologist and an account manager. What makes you a Diva: My I Don't care attitude! I am fully confident in who I am as a woman and as a plus size girl. I am the life of everyone's party! I give Em life without parole when I step out. I believe in looking good so I feel good. I love to make others feel good about … [Read more...]

8 Quotes to Uplift in Celebration of International Women’s Day


I actually didn’t give much thought to International Women’s Day until I received a beautiful and uplifting card from a friend in Vietnam. As a woman, everyday is women’s day it seems but what makes this day so important? International Women’s Day was first established in 1911, and is now an official holiday celebrated on March 8th that is recognized by the UN and in 27 … [Read more...]

Venus Diva Of The Week: Brittany Furr


Meet our Venus Diva of the week, Brittany Furr. She’s a freelance makeup artist and the creator of +SHOP, an online store and blog. What makes you a Diva: I consider myself to be a bossy diva. Handling my business, overcoming the negativity associated with be a young plus size women while being lady like. Who are your plus size style inspirations: My plus size … [Read more...]

Plus Size & Confident: Tips For Being Flawless Like Mary Lambert


Plus Size & Confident:  Tips For Being Flawless Like Mary Lambert We love Mary Lambert.  Can’t you tell? After her performance at this years Grammy awards and the release of her Welcome to the Age of My Body EP, we can’t get enough of Mary. The “Body Love” singer spoke with Buzzfeed recently and shared 17 tips for staying positive even if you’re having a really … [Read more...]

Celebrating African American Woman in the Plus Community


February is Black History Month, chocked full of 28 days of opportunity to recognize those in the African American Community who have helped advance our people. Along with the brilliant women of color whose contributions have advanced the plus agenda through fashion such as FFFWeek Creator Gwen DeVoe and the late great Plus Model Mia Amber Davis, I would like to acknowledge a … [Read more...]

Venus Diva Of The Week: Christina Marie


Meet our Venus Diva of the week , Christina Marie. She's a Special Events Coordinator and an aspiring plus model. What makes you a Diva:  I'm a diva because I am confident. I walk with my head held high and I keep a smile on my face (even when I don't feel like it). When approached with negativity I never give a reaction, instead I smile. Growing up I was picked on for … [Read more...]