Adele Is The Most Listened To Artist By Employees While Working


Listening to music is the best way to get through an 8 hour work day and of all of the musicians in the world, Adele is the most listened to artist during work hours. Online music streaming website Spotify recently conducted a study and revealed that 61% of people listen to music in the workplace and 16% of those employees listen to Adele. For the report, Spotify … [Read more...]

Celebrating African American Woman in the Plus Community


February is Black History Month, chocked full of 28 days of opportunity to recognize those in the African American Community who have helped advance our people. Along with the brilliant women of color whose contributions have advanced the plus agenda through fashion such as FFFWeek Creator Gwen DeVoe and the late great Plus Model Mia Amber Davis, I would like to acknowledge a … [Read more...]

Are You A Plus Model On The Rise?

Photographer: Doug Swaim of Never Forgotten Photography.  Stylist: Beauty Box Style

Are You A Plus Model On The Rise? Many of you are aspiring plus size models and to give you an inside look at what it takes to be a model, each month we introduce you to plus models on the rise. If you are a plus size women who has modeled locally, nationally or internationally and you’re finding your place in this industry, then we want to hear from you. Send 2 to 3 … [Read more...]

Holiday Spending:10 Ways to Stay Off the Naughty List

Holiday Spending

The holidays are upon us, bringing all those personal and family images and sensations we cherish. But for many of us, there are a few not-so-joyous holiday sights (a purse overflowing with credit card receipts) and sounds (the ca-ching! of the cash registers marking our escalating debt). These negatives can easily outweigh all that we love about the holiday season, especially … [Read more...]

Five Rules of Business for Entrepreneurial Stay-at-Home Moms

Woman working from home

Five Rules of Business for Entrepreneurial Stay-at-Home Moms If you’re a stay-at-home mom, there are many good reasons why you might want to start your own small business: Maybe you want to kick in extra money to the family income. Maybe you want to flex your marketable skills, talents, or creativity. Or maybe you simply have a little extra time to fill now that your … [Read more...]

Plus Size, Comfortable & Ready For Business In Igigi by Yuliya Raquel, Aileen Dress by igigi

Plus Size, Comfortable & Ready For Business In Igigi by Yuliya Raquel Recently, The International Fuller Woman Network became a part of an amazing collective of organizations in the Detroit, Michigan area called Transformation Detroit (TD). TD is an organization that is geared toward identifying the intersection of trauma, mental health and domestic violence in the … [Read more...]

Honoring Curvy Educators: Preschool Teacher, Danita Gregory-Puryear

teacher danita.001

We love to see women celebrating who they are and their curves. We started the Curvy Educator spotlight to highlight those that not only love who they are but love what they do. They continue to inspire and uplift a new generation. Teachers are such an important part in the development of who we become, so we salute you and thank you for your submissions. This is our last and … [Read more...]

11 Tips for Using Your Expertise to Create a Successful Business


Long, relentless workdays. Stagnant wages. And uncertainty—will you get that promotion you’ve been working crazy hours to get or will it go to your boss’s favorite? Will you even have a job next year at this time? These are the worries that come with grinding it out in corporate America. Stay late, schmooze with the higher ups, put your all into every project, and there’s still … [Read more...]

School Accessories For The Studious Diva


School Accessories For The Studious Diva The kids aren't the only ones that are going back to school. Here are some divalicious accessories I found that will make any educator's or student's desk complete with style! The featured items are available at Scotch Brand, Post It, Amazon & Etsy! … [Read more...]

Calling All Curvy Educators: We Want To Feature You!

Calling All Curvy Educators:  We Want To Feature You!

In less than a month the kids head back to school and to show our appreciation for educators everywhere, we want to honor you!  Submit your photo and a brief statement on why we should feature you and you can be featured on during the month of September. *Note* You can also nominate someone else.  Send all entries to … [Read more...]

11 Ways To Overcome Information Overload


Today at work I was having a really hard time focusing on the task at hand. I kept making simple mistakes and it was seriously driving me crazy. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong or why I was having such a hard time focusing. Truth is, many of us suffer from the same thing from time to time and when it happens it can be very frustrating. In this age of information overload, … [Read more...]

Curvy Girlz Lingerie is on the move


Curvy Girlz Lingerie is in the market to help plus size women find sexy and stylish intimates outside of your basic black, whites, and beige. The woman behind Curvy Girlz, Precious Williams, is an entrepreneur mastermind that is now in the running as a finalist in Black Enterprise Magazine’s Elevator Pitch Competition which could give her business $10,000 in funding. According … [Read more...]

10 Tips for Upping Your Career Ante in 2013

Look available at

It's time to retool, rejuvenate, and reinvent your career by upping the ante with ten essential elements. We're adding ten skills and ten capabilities that extend your effectiveness and keep you at the top of your game in 2013. Up the Ante 10+10+10 Essential Element #1: Vision and Values Skill: Communication | Capability: Reinvention Readiness Becoming the CEO of your … [Read more...]

Plus Modeling Recap: Full Figured Fashion Week Casting In NYC 2013

Turner Family Portraits | Turner Fashion Portraits

This year I attended the casting call for Full Figured Fashion Week™ in NYC, this was the last stop for their casting tour and I wasn't letting anything stop me from being in attendance for my chance to grace the runway. The casting was being held at the new Lane Bryant store at 34th and 7th Avenue and the line was buzzing with excitement! There were so many beautiful plus … [Read more...]

10 Most Used New Year’s Resolutions


New Year's is the only holiday that celebrates the passage of time. Perhaps that's why, as the final seconds of the year tick away, we become introspective. Inevitably, that introspection turns to thoughts of self-improvement and the annual ritual of making resolutions, which offer the first of many important tools for remaking ourselves. We've compiled a list of some of the … [Read more...]

12 Days of Diva, Day 5: Gifts for the Financially Savvy Sista

12 days of diva.001

This year and Belle Noir Magazine has partnered to bring you the 12 Days of Diva. We’ve started our 12 Days of Diva early this year so you’ll have a chance to go out an purchase the fabulous gifts that our Editors have selected with you in mind. Today’s gifts are for the Financially Savvy Sista. Framed Starbucks Stock Certificate ($39 + Stock Price; … [Read more...]

Turn Your Office Holiday Party into a Career-Boosting Event


It’s that very special time of the year when many Americans are receiving invitations to their annual office holiday party. If you’re one of them, you’ll probably look forward to the event with great excitement—until you start to recall the blunders of years past. Like the time you ran out of things to say to your CEO and awkwardly asked if his divorce was finalized. Or the … [Read more...]

Ten Tips for Winning with Mean Girls at Work

Two Friends Whispering Secrets in the Ear.

By: Katherine Crowley and Kathi Elster Have you encountered a mean girl at work? By “mean” we are referring to any woman whose actions seem cruel, callous, aggressive or unkind. A mean girl could be someone who seems jealous of your accomplishments, a woman who excludes you from important meetings, a female colleague who puts you down in public, or just someone whose poor work … [Read more...]