In Her Words: Body & Fitness Advocate Louise Green Chronicles Her First Half Marathon


Louise Green is a globally recognized “fit and fat” voice at the forefront of the Body Advocacy movement.  She recently wrote the blog post "Pioneering Fit and Fat, which chronicles her anticipation of running first half marathon. You can follow Louise online at It’s race day and after flying from Vancouver to San Francisco to run my first half marathon, I … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Guide: Last Minute Gifts & Stocking Stuffers From Bath & Body Works


Christmas is less than 10 days away and that means that last minute shoppers have began making that last minute dashes to shopping malls in search of the perfect gift for their friends and family members. Throughout the holiday season our friends at Bath and Body Works have been looking out for us in the savings department. Between major sales on candles and fragrance gift … [Read more...]

6 Tips For Developing A Healthier Mind, Body and Soul


6 Tips For Developing A Healthier Mind, Body and Soul I am always looking to improve myself inside and out; it is an everyday process and life is too short to not live your best life now. The following are just some tips that have helped me and are helping me become healthier; mind, body and soul. First things first look INWARD! Begin thinking about your self-worth, your … [Read more...]

Four Tips For De-Stressing This Thanksgiving Holiday


Editor’s Note: Thanksgiving may be later this month but it’s never too early to discuss ways that you can de-stress during the holiday season. Dani DiPirro of has four tips that you can use as you entertain your family and friends this holiday. Thanksgiving is fast approaching and many people are feeling a sense of dread. The holiday should fill us … [Read more...]

Diva In Training: “I Want To Be A Role Model, Like My Mom”


Editor's Note: We love receiving submissions from our readers.  This submission is from a long time friend and diva in training.  Raquel recently participated in an anti-bullying photo shoot and she wanted to share her thoughts of the plus size community with our readers.   Hello it's me Raquel. I was on one of your covers the May/Mommy issue with my mom, Olgaplusmodel. I … [Read more...]

My Journey Towards Loving My Figure & Why I Started Body Confidence Week

Image Credit:  Emily Louise Holton

By: Sarah Martindale A year ago I was housebound. Not because I was physically disabled, or critically ill; I was afraid. I was afraid of people in the street, on the bus, in my home, at work, everywhere. My one wish was to be invisible and to remain that way forever. I had reached a point where my anxiety had become so crippling that the only way I would leave home was after … [Read more...]

Midwest Girls: 8 Plus Size Divas Blogging In The Midwest

Midwest Plus Size Bloggers.001

The East and West coasts are home to some of the most fashionable plus size bloggers, but what about those divas in between? If you’re like me, you reside in the middle of the country and while you may not be where the fashion action takes place, you love fashion, a great deal and flaunting your curves. Here are 8 midwest plus size blogs/bloggers that should be on your … [Read more...] Celebrates Plus Size Diva’s With Fan Appreciation Friday Celebrates Plus Size Diva’s With Fan Appreciation Friday Celebrates Plus Size Diva’s With Fan Appreciation Friday Everyday receives hundreds of photos and messages from our beautiful friends and readers. To show our appreciation, we share these images on Facebook. To continue the celebration, every Friday we share the 5 pictures with most likes of the week on our website. Meet six of our … [Read more...]

Plus Size Influencer: An Interview With Nicki Lynch, Founder & President Of PLUS Positive Organization


With a vision to start a non-profit organization that would service both plus sized men and women, Nicki Lynch gave birth to her dream by starting PLUS Positive (PLUS+) on May 22, 2013.  As the Founder and President of PLUS+, Nicki Lynch is passionate about empowering plus size men and women globally, to impact their local communities. With the launch party for PLUS+ just days … [Read more...]

Real Women Have Curves: Plus Size Fans Share Their Admiration

Lynx Garcia, Co-Founder of Real Women Have Curves

Last month we featured the Facebook page, Real Women Have Curves. This month we're featuring testimonials from several of their page members. ________________________________________________________________________ Real Women Have Curves is a success because our moderators are not just moderators, we are family. I have yet to connect with Mrs.Vee since she just came on … [Read more...]

Social Confidence: The Story Behind ‘Real Women Have Curves’


If you’re a curvy woman or a man with a deep rooted appreciation of curvy women, then you’re probably a fan of Real Women Have Curves (RWHC) On Facebook. Boasting a following of over 450,000 admirers, RWHC is a great community to be apart of if you’re need a daily boost of confidence or if you’re curvy and confident and want to be around others who think like you. The RWHC … [Read more...]

Cover Models Speak: What Is Curvy Confidence?


Earlier this month we premiered our July 2013 Curvy Confidence cover image.  For the first time in history we featured a group (10 to be exact) of plus size women.  Each woman represents a different size, hue and personality but the one thing they have in common is confidence! When asked what Curvy Confidence meant to them, they had different, but equally … [Read more...]

11 Ways To Overcome Information Overload


Today at work I was having a really hard time focusing on the task at hand. I kept making simple mistakes and it was seriously driving me crazy. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong or why I was having such a hard time focusing. Truth is, many of us suffer from the same thing from time to time and when it happens it can be very frustrating. In this age of information overload, … [Read more...]

Dove® Makes Girls Unstoppable With New Campaign


Dove is notorious for launching campaigns that empower girls and women. This time they’re joining forces with journalist, writer and new mom Lisa Ling for their new initiative. Dove Self Esteem Project launched their, “Let’s Make Girls Unstoppable” campaign during the fifth annual Mom 2.0 Summit. Their goal is to reach 15 million by 2015 with self-esteem programming and … [Read more...]

Six Simple Things You Can Do This Summer to Let the Sunshine In


Summer is a time of warm temperatures, sunny skies, green leaves, neighborhood cookouts, family vacations, ice cream cones, and more. In short, it’s a season that’s full of opportunities for enjoyment—so why do so many of us drift through these warm weeks in the same hum-drum fog we’re lost in during the other three seasons? The fact is, most of us have become numbed by life, … [Read more...]

Military Inspiration: Jewels Hay Is Thankful For Her Husband


Jewels Hay is actually a military spouse, however her story was one that I thought should be shared to honor her for being confidently curvy and her husband Matthew for being the above and beyond supportive husband. Here’s her story: My husband Matthew Hay is a Technical Sergeant in the USAF at McGuire AFB in New Jersey. He has been my husband for almost ten years this … [Read more...]

10 Ways To Get Out Of A Funk


For the past week or so, the weather in Philadelphia has been very Florida-like in some ways; rainy and muggy, then sunny and bright.  Sometimes when it is gloomy out, I find myself in a funk wishing for brighter warmer days and daydreaming of laying on a beach somewhere. For this Spirited issue of DVD, I wanted to share with you some quick ways to help you get out of a funk … [Read more...]