‘ANTM’ Cycle Ten Winner Whitney Thompson Weds Artist Ian Forrester

'ANTM' Cycle Ten Winner Whitney Thompson Weds Artist Ian Forrester

ANTM Cycle Ten Winner Whitney Thompson Weds Artist Ian Forrester Whitney Thompson, model and the cycle 10 winner of America’s Next Top Model married artist Ian Forrester in Scotland on November 14, 2014. The pair got engaged a little over a year ago while sightseeing in Dublin, Ireland and since announcing their engagement, the curvy model has been excitedly looking for … [Read more...]

Are Women Only Attracted To Fat Men?


Are Women Only Attracted To Fat Men? I think dating is a universal thing and although this survey was aimed at our English friends across the pond, I still find the findings wrong. According to the Daily Mail, women wouldn’t date athletic chiseled men because it would make them feel insecure about themselves. There may be some women who feel that way, but I don’t believe the … [Read more...]

Let’s Talk About Love: Let That Wall Down & Learn To Fly Again

Let's Talk About Love-  Let That Wall Down & Learn To Fly Again

This isn't going to be a post about being vegan or loving your fluff. I'm just gonna chat with y'all for a minute if you don't mind... I used to think that if you let one person into your heart you had to let everyone in. And if you let everyone in then somewhere along the way someone would break it. So I kept everyone out, no love allowed. Here is the problem with that … [Read more...]

For The Love Of Fashion: My Anniversary Date With My Husband And Jean Paul Gaultier


After being married for nine years it is important to try new things and change things up a bit to keep things interesting and enjoy each other's company more. This year, since I had to be in NY to handle some modeling business I decided that it would be great if my hubby came with me and we would meet up later and spend the day in the city doing something different, so we … [Read more...]

Looking For Love: Find Mr. Right Under the Mistletoe This Year?

Kissing under the mistletoe

Looking For Love:  Find Mr. Right Under the Mistletoe This Year? We’ve all seen it before. Man has his eye on a woman at a Christmas party. When he finally musters up the courage to go and say hello, they both realize that they're standing under the mistletoe and immediately they engage in a kiss. Maybe that’s not quite how it happens, but who doesn’t yearn to find love … [Read more...]

Single Over 30: Making Hard Life Decisions

The Single Life

Single Over 30: Making Hard Life Decisions Cancer and the Single Life I was speaking with a woman yesterday who has cancer, and she just found out that the chemotherapy isn’t working and the cancer has spread. This is a woman in her 50’s, and although she’s been a widow for some years and has grown children, she now lives alone. As I was talking to her, the main thing she … [Read more...]

Plus Size Dating: Are You Dating On The Defense?

Plus Size Dating

Plus Size Dating:  Are You Dating On The Defense? When most women go on a date for the first time with a new man she’s usually preoccupied with how she looks, what she’ll say, if she’s going to impress him. She puts in extra effort to make herself look and sound good to the man sitting across from her so that he’ll ask her out again, hoping to make a love … [Read more...]

Plus Size Relationship Expert: Trenia Parham Wants To Help You Find ‘Love’

Image Credit: Pretty Pear Bride

Plus Size Relationship Expert: Trenia Parham Wants To Help You Find 'Love' It’s getting cold outside so it’s time to find a cuddle buddy. Plus size relationship coach Trenia Parham wants to guide you in the right direction with her Get Ready For Love teleclass.  Trenia is a relationship expert who teaches women practical dating tools, tips and strategies that won’t … [Read more...]

6 Unconventional Things You Should Do to Save Your Marriage

6 Unconventional Things You Should  Do to Save Your Marriage

The lifelong probability of a marriage ending in divorce is between 40 and 50 percent, according to PolitiFact.com’s estimates. Couples in trouble often seek advice from friends, family and counselors. Much of the advice people get about their marriage problems is wrong. It sounds good. It makes sense. The problem is: it usually doesn’t work. Reconciling a broken marriage is … [Read more...]

The “Girl Code” Is For Girls…..Not Women

Girl Code

Girl code is a belief that you never date nor be with anyone your friend(s) have been with. Because I don’t fully agree with this code, I happen to have this debate every time the discussion of the “girl code” is brought up. Here’s my opinion on why the code is for girls and not grown women. What I do agree with: I do agree that one should not pursue someone that you know … [Read more...]

Plus Size Women Have Active Love Lives According To A Recent Study

Naja from LA Hair

There is a misconception that plus size women do not have love lives and have difficulty getting men to notice them. Because society has an issue with our size, people assume all men take issue with our size and that all plus size women are desperate for dates and sex. Just last night on L.A. Hair, hairstylist Angela referred to her colleague and nail stylist Naja as more … [Read more...]

Big Women & Thin Boyfriends: What’s The Problem?

Image Credit: Yahoo Shine

Blogger and comedian Gloria Shuri Nava has gotten some rough comments about her relationship with a thin man. For those of us plus size women who tend to like men on the slimmer side, the comments that Gloria faced seem all too familiar. I have never received comments as harsh as Gloria Shuri Nava ("She has a boyfriend? What is wrong with the world?" or "These two had sex?! Oh … [Read more...]

Put Your Woman First: Tips Men Can Use In The Bedroom


Editor's Note: It's always a pleasure to share a guest post with you, especially one written by a man.  This month, our guest relationship writer is Mr. Shannon Dondle.  If you have an opinion that you want to share or a relationship question for Mr. Dondle you can contact the Editor to submit an article or question. Image Credit: SeductionMadeEasy.com 3 Tips Men Can Use In … [Read more...]

Tips For A Relationship Makeover


Even the most love-filled relationships are bound to go stale after awhile. It can be hard to keep things interesting, find new things to talk about and most of all, stay out of a routine. But while finding yourself in a rut is completely normal, it's how you react that will make you stand apart. It might be time to consider a relationship make over if you feel like it has … [Read more...]

Question of the Day: Is Dating A Dying Art?

Is Dating A Dying Art?

By: Stephanie Long of Just Trim The Ends When was the last time you went on a solid date where you felt there was a connection, you actually wanted to see the person again, and you felt it could turn into a relationship? When was the last time you went on a date and projected all your thoughts and possibly derailed things after the appetizer? I know we are all guilty of having … [Read more...]

Compromising Tips for Couples Moving In Together

Tips for Couples Moving In Together

Although it is an exciting time as you and your partner enter a new chapter of your relationship, packing up and moving is also likely going to be hectic and stressful. That said, it is more important than ever to practice the art of compromising. Whether you already live together and are moving to a new space, or moving in together for the first time, Unpakt, THE … [Read more...]

Dating Advice: 6 Signs That You’re Showing Signs Of Desperation


I love Youtube, I really do. You can always find something interesting, informative or both. This morning I stumble upon this video of author April Mason schooling women on dating tips. In 6 Signs to Know if You’re A Desperate Woman, April gives women honest relationship advice. It may sting a little bit, but honesty is always the best policy. Who is April Mason? She is … [Read more...]