10 Plus Size Brides Who Looked Totally Gorgeous On Their Wedding Day

plus size brides

These plus size brides walked down the wedding aisle in style. Today one year ago I married my best friend. He is such a blessing. #letsdoitagain #married #husband #wife #anniversary #babydaddy #vintage #love #loveofmylife #soulmate #joy #1yearandcounting #plussize #plussizebride #EFFYOURBEAUTYSTANDARDS #curvygirl #tattoedmomma A photo posted by @ninagirlie on Apr 12, 2015 at 8:05am PDT #picnicwedding […]

Surviving Valentine’s Day: Pauline Parril’s Advice for Married Women


Surviving Valentine’s Day: Pauline Parril’s Advice for Married Women By: Pauline Daley-Parril Valentine’s Day hashtags are proliferating on Twitter. That means one thing: #valentinesdayiscoming. For single women, the 14th of February is tough enough when it’s #nodate and #aloneagain. But for married women, Valentine’s Day is a #minefield #forgetaboutit #norosesforyousister #fml. For women in general, Valentine’s […]

8 Tips For Finding True Love in The New Year

Brooke Elliott in "Drop Dead Diva"

Increase Your Chances Of Finding Love This Year Everyone is looking for love and that number spikes during the first couple of months of the new year. Many singles join dating websites like the plus size dating site Venus Diva Dating in hopes of finding their one true love. Since the new year is all about […]

Are Women Only Attracted To Fat Men?


Are Women Only Attracted To Fat Men? I think dating is a universal thing and although this survey was aimed at our English friends across the pond, I still find the findings wrong. According to the Daily Mail, women wouldn’t date athletic chiseled men because it would make them feel insecure about themselves. There may […]

Single Over 30: Making Hard Life Decisions

The Single Life

Single Over 30: Making Hard Life Decisions Cancer and the Single Life I was speaking with a woman yesterday who has cancer, and she just found out that the chemotherapy isn’t working and the cancer has spread. This is a woman in her 50’s, and although she’s been a widow for some years and has […]

Plus Size Dating: Are You Dating On The Defense?

Plus Size Dating

Plus Size Dating:  Are You Dating On The Defense? When most women go on a date for the first time with a new man she’s usually preoccupied with how she looks, what she’ll say, if she’s going to impress him. She puts in extra effort to make herself look and sound good to the man […]

6 Unconventional Things You Should Do to Save Your Marriage

6 Unconventional Things You Should  Do to Save Your Marriage

The lifelong probability of a marriage ending in divorce is between 40 and 50 percent, according to PolitiFact.com’s estimates. Couples in trouble often seek advice from friends, family and counselors. Much of the advice people get about their marriage problems is wrong. It sounds good. It makes sense. The problem is: it usually doesn’t work. […]

The “Girl Code” Is For Girls…..Not Women

Girl Code

Girl code is a belief that you never date nor be with anyone your friend(s) have been with. Because I don’t fully agree with this code, I happen to have this debate every time the discussion of the “girl code” is brought up. Here’s my opinion on why the code is for girls and not […]

Big Women & Thin Boyfriends: What’s The Problem?

Image Credit: Yahoo Shine

Blogger and comedian Gloria Shuri Nava has gotten some rough comments about her relationship with a thin man. For those of us plus size women who tend to like men on the slimmer side, the comments that Gloria faced seem all too familiar. I have never received comments as harsh as Gloria Shuri Nava (“She […]

Put Your Woman First: Tips Men Can Use In The Bedroom


Editor’s Note: It’s always a pleasure to share a guest post with you, especially one written by a man.  This month, our guest relationship writer is Mr. Shannon Dondle.  If you have an opinion that you want to share or a relationship question for Mr. Dondle you can contact the Editor to submit an article or question. […]