Adele Is The Most Listened To Artist By Employees While Working


Listening to music is the best way to get through an 8 hour work day and of all of the musicians in the world, Adele is the most listened to artist during work hours. Online music streaming website Spotify recently conducted a study and revealed that 61% of people listen to music in the workplace and 16% of those employees listen to Adele. For the report, Spotify … [Read more...]

Venus Diva Of The Day: Auriel Jackson


Meet our Venus Diva of the day, Auriel Jackson. Auriel is a cosmetologist and an account manager. What makes you a Diva: My I Don't care attitude! I am fully confident in who I am as a woman and as a plus size girl. I am the life of everyone's party! I give Em life without parole when I step out. I believe in looking good so I feel good. I love to make others feel good about … [Read more...]

Come And Have Fun At Play Date Charlotte!


When I heard about Play Date Charlotte, I instantly reached out to see how I could be apart. Play Date is a night of games and fun held in various cities. As the website says it’s “an alternative to the typical night out or social event. It provides a fun and exciting atmosphere where adults can enjoy good food & cocktails, listen to a variety of music, socialize, and meet … [Read more...]

8 Quotes to Uplift in Celebration of International Women’s Day


I actually didn’t give much thought to International Women’s Day until I received a beautiful and uplifting card from a friend in Vietnam. As a woman, everyday is women’s day it seems but what makes this day so important? International Women’s Day was first established in 1911, and is now an official holiday celebrated on March 8th that is recognized by the UN and in 27 … [Read more...]

Venus Diva Of The Week: Brittany Furr


Meet our Venus Diva of the week, Brittany Furr. She’s a freelance makeup artist and the creator of +SHOP, an online store and blog. What makes you a Diva: I consider myself to be a bossy diva. Handling my business, overcoming the negativity associated with be a young plus size women while being lady like. Who are your plus size style inspirations: My plus size … [Read more...]

Plus Size & Confident: Tips For Being Flawless Like Mary Lambert


Plus Size & Confident:  Tips For Being Flawless Like Mary Lambert We love Mary Lambert.  Can’t you tell? After her performance at this years Grammy awards and the release of her Welcome to the Age of My Body EP, we can’t get enough of Mary. The “Body Love” singer spoke with Buzzfeed recently and shared 17 tips for staying positive even if you’re having a really … [Read more...]

Delicious Cocktail Recipes to Enjoy During the Oscars

Oscar Cocktail

With awards season in full gear, here are some fun and easy cocktails to enjoy while watching the Oscars on Sunday. Whether you are tuning in to find out what feature film wins Best Picture or watching to see this year’s biggest stars walk the red carpet, these drinks are a perfect way to enjoy one of the most celebrated award shows of the season.    First … [Read more...]

Celebrating African American Woman in the Plus Community


February is Black History Month, chocked full of 28 days of opportunity to recognize those in the African American Community who have helped advance our people. Along with the brilliant women of color whose contributions have advanced the plus agenda through fashion such as FFFWeek Creator Gwen DeVoe and the late great Plus Model Mia Amber Davis, I would like to acknowledge a … [Read more...]

Venus Diva Of The Week: Christina Marie


Meet our Venus Diva of the week , Christina Marie. She's a Special Events Coordinator and an aspiring plus model. What makes you a Diva:  I'm a diva because I am confident. I walk with my head held high and I keep a smile on my face (even when I don't feel like it). When approached with negativity I never give a reaction, instead I smile. Growing up I was picked on for … [Read more...]

Are You A Plus Model On The Rise?

Photographer: Doug Swaim of Never Forgotten Photography.  Stylist: Beauty Box Style

Are You A Plus Model On The Rise? Many of you are aspiring plus size models and to give you an inside look at what it takes to be a model, each month we introduce you to plus models on the rise. If you are a plus size women who has modeled locally, nationally or internationally and you’re finding your place in this industry, then we want to hear from you. Send 2 to 3 … [Read more...]

Seafood Delight: Roasted Butternut Squash Curry Soup with Kale, Peppers and Crab


Seafood Delight: Roasted Butternut Squash Curry Soup with Kale, Peppers and Crab I love finding new tasty recipes to share and loved seeing my old high school classmate start a business and post pictures of the most wonderful treats. This recipe uses crab meat and coming from Baltimore seafood is king. I hope you find this recipe easy and a delight! INGREDIENTS 2 butternut … [Read more...]

For The Love Of Fashion: My Anniversary Date With My Husband And Jean Paul Gaultier


After being married for nine years it is important to try new things and change things up a bit to keep things interesting and enjoy each other's company more. This year, since I had to be in NY to handle some modeling business I decided that it would be great if my hubby came with me and we would meet up later and spend the day in the city doing something different, so we … [Read more...]

Curvy Collegiate: Why I Decided To Bring A Plus Size Organization To My College Campus


Curvy Collegiate: Why I Decided To Bring A Plus Size Organization To My College Campus My name is Reyanna Milsap. I am originally from Los Angeles, CA. I am the Vice President of an organization on Johnson C. Smith University located in Charlotte, NC. The organization is called Luv Ur Curves (LUC). Every year we put on a pageant called Miss Size Sexy. This organization … [Read more...]

Venus Diva Of The Week: Shellneka Fuller

Venus Diva Of The Week: Shellneka Fuller

Meet our Venus Diva of the week Shellneka Fuller. She’s a beautiful 35 year old pre-k teacher. What makes you a Diva: I am confident, I am a woman, I am Curvy, I am healthy and happy.I am a go getter! I don't give up easy,and I am chasing my dreams to be a plus size model/motivational speaker. Who are your plus size style inspirations: Actress/mother/talk show host Monique, … [Read more...]

The Four “Fashion Friends” Every Girl Must Have

women shopping

The Four "Fashion Friends" Every Girl Must Have  I know I’m not the only one who prefers shopping with friends vs. shopping alone. In fact, just the other day I was trying on a dress and started thinking how it would be great to get some styling advice from my friends. If you’re like me and love getting fashion advice from your friends then you should check out Postelio. … [Read more...]

Plus Size Blogger Nicolette Mason Launches ‘Step Up’ Campaign To Raise $10,000

Nicolette Mason

Plus Size Blogger Nicolette Mason Launches 'Step Up' Campaign To Raise $10,000 Jezebel really upset a bunch of people after publicly offering $10,000 in exchange for unaltered photos from Lena Dunham's cover photo shoot with Vogue magazine. Instead of lashing out at them, plus size blogger Nicolette Mason has decided to turn a negative situation into something … [Read more...]