Surviving Valentine’s Day: Pauline Parril’s Advice for Married Women


Surviving Valentine’s Day: Pauline Parril’s Advice for Married Women By: Pauline Daley-Parril Valentine’s Day hashtags are proliferating on Twitter. That means one thing: #valentinesdayiscoming. For single women, the 14th of February is tough enough when it’s #nodate and #aloneagain. But for married women, Valentine’s Day is a #minefield #forgetaboutit #norosesforyousister #fml. For women in general, Valentine’s […]

Thriving In Life & Business: 10 Life Lessons from Leading Women

Shonda Rhimes is a is a screenwriter, director, and producer.

By:  Nancy D. O’Reilly Influential Women Share Their Secrets to Leadership To become part of the “women-helping-women” movement that’s sweeping the nation, and indeed the world, we first must access our personal power. This means we need to master our external environment (often, the workplace), tackle our own internal barriers, and learn how best to […]

8 Tips For Finding True Love in The New Year

Brooke Elliott in "Drop Dead Diva"

Increase Your Chances Of Finding Love This Year Everyone is looking for love and that number spikes during the first couple of months of the new year. Many singles join dating websites like the plus size dating site Venus Diva Dating in hopes of finding their one true love. Since the new year is all about […]

2014 Holiday Soirée Recap


Happy New Year From! On Sunday, December 14, 2014, hosted our 1st annual holiday soirée at Sweet Lorraine’s Cafe in Southfield, MI.  It’s been a dream for us to host a holiday event and that dream finally came true with the help of friends, supporters and sponsors. The event served two purposes.  It was a reader […]

8 Practical Holiday Gifts For Everyday Use!

From Best Buy

We’ve Found Holiday Gifts That Are Practical, Fun and Very Necessary! Siam Flip Flops with Pink Straps  What makes flopZ so unique is the massaging flopZgel which covers the insole. This clear textured layer treats your feet to a delicious massaging sensation whilst you walk, and the hardwearing clear gel keeps its shape whilst remaining fresh […]