Stephanie Penn Guest Judge for Blogger Street Style Competition

Stephanie Penn Guest Judge for Blogger Street Style Competition

Daily Venus Diva Editor-in-Chief, Stephanie Penn, will be a Guest Judge for the Blogger Street Style Competition during the Ultimate Style Expo, presented by Scotta Intimates. The Ultimate Style Expo, will be hosted by Lauren Turner, who is known as The CW Detroit Gossip Girl. The event features runway shows, a Blogger Runway Competition, music performances, makeovers and … [Read more...]

Step into Spring as a Fresh Sophisticate in IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel

igigi the fresh - plus size dresses

Inspired by all the vivid colors, allure, and variety nature embodies, the new Fresh Sophisticate collection from IGIGI by Yuliya Raquel is a refreshing testament to female diversity, beauty and uniqueness.  Enchanting bright hues, soft pastels, paisley, floral, and pin-dot prints in feminine interpretations bloom in pieces that will captivate the bold and beautiful fashion … [Read more...]

Plus Size Women, We Want To Hear From You!

Teslyn Butler, February 2008

Plus Size Women, We Want To Hear From You! Everyday my inbox is inundated with hundreds of press releases and article pitches from corporations but that’s not who I want to hear from. I want to hear from you. When our wonderful Oz (Valery Amador) created Venus Diva Magazine many, many years ago, it was a monthly online magazine. We featured new products, new designers, … [Read more...]

Daily Venus Diva Hits FFFW in NYC in STYLE!

Daily Venus Diva Hits FFFW in NYC-1

Daily Venus Diva Hits FFFW in NYC in STYLE! Full Figured Fashion Week (FFFW) got off to a great start on Monday, June 17, 2013. After an extremely long train ride I was exhausted but exhaustion was no match for my enthusiasm. The day kicked off at the Ashley Stewart Blogger Breakfast...   We were treated to a sneak peek of Ashley Stewarts fall collection. I love the … [Read more...]

Letter From the Editor: A Journey Of Self Love & Acceptance

Editor-In-Chief, Stephanie Penn

Our goal at is to inspire our readers. Everything we do is done with that goal in mind. Each month we feature articles that we feel are aligned with our mission; to connect with women and men who have a deep rooted love for plus size women. The more plus size women that I connect with, the more I feel obligated to deliver a product that stays true to our … [Read more...]

The Magic Behind


Each cover model interview starts off with an introduction written by me but when a model has a positive relationship with the family, it's refreshing and inspiring to allow her to reflect on her journey and her relationship with us. Years ago, before I got involved with, our publisher Valery Amador of V.I.E. Thrive created an extensive … [Read more...]

Gift Suggestions for High School Grads Heading To College


This time of year is filled with back yard parties, barbecues and Open Houses. In case an “Open House” is a Detroit thing, let me define my meaning for you. When I refer to an open house, I’m referring to a celebration honoring a recent high school or college graduate who in many cases are heading to the next stage of their life. I’m not sure why it’s not called a “Graduation … [Read more...]

You Be The Stylist: Which Igigi Dress Should I Wear?

Plus Size O'Hara Dress in Purple

What a difference a year makes........ Just last year the only dresses you would see me in were long and flowing. All I purchased were maxi dresses; black, multi colored and pastel maxi dresses. Now I'm in love with knee length dresses. It's not that I've officially divorced maxi dresses, I'm just partial to shorter dresses and rightfully so, I am only 5'3" and some maxi … [Read more...]

March 2012: Spring Ahead With Comedian Erica Watson

Mar2012-Erica-Watson-2 5.32.32 PM

If you follow Erica Watson on twitter or on Facebook you know that her love for comedy and her curvy sisters go hand in hand. For every funny bone in her body she displays an equal amount of love towards the plus size movement. Through her 1 woman show “Fat Bitch”, Erica has successfully created a platform for America to take an honest look at their obsession with weight while … [Read more...]

Love Is In The Air & We Have Sweet Gifts For You Too!


Photo Courtesy of David's Bridal Just the other day I found myself thinking about how fast the month of January came and went. If feels like yesterday it was the first day of 2012 and now we're entering the second month of the year. Initially, we were going to celebrate Plus size entertainers this month but after much consideration, we've decided to celebrate plus size brides … [Read more...]

Share Your Love Story With

love story.001

Our February issue is all about love. Our 2012 Bridal issue features a cover sponsored by David's Bridal, interviews with wedding professionals and beautiful bridal gowns. The only thing that's missing is you. We want to feature real life love stories that involve our plus size readers. Society wants people to think that plus size women and men don't have love lives, but we … [Read more...]

December 2011 Editor’s Letter: The Joy Of The Holiday Season

happy holidays from dvd.001

Christmas is truly the most wonderful time of the year. From the feel good songs, the spiked egg nog and the beautiful decorations; it’s difficult not to think happy thoughts when thinking of the holiday season. One of my fondest memories of the holiday season takes place when I was a youngster. I don’t recall how old I was so let’s just say I was 8 years old. It was Christmas … [Read more...]

It’s November So Let’s Celebrate!

November is always bittersweet. I'm happy that it's the second to last month of the year because the holiday season is just around the corner but I'm also in a reflective state as I think of the last ten months. I absolutely love all holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Birthdays, etc) because in my eyes it's a great time to celebrate with friends and family while listening to … [Read more...]

Thriving DIVA Of The Day: Jill Scott


The artists who stand out to me have a passion for what they do. There are a lot of people who can sing. It's just like when you go to church and people are singing because it sounds good, not because it feels good. There's a difference. ~ Jill Scott It is with passion and purpose that we follow our dreams on a daily basis and Miss Jill Scott is the perfect example of a … [Read more...]

Magic is in the air this October at #1 Plus Size Lifestyle Magazine


Daily Venus Diva (DVD), the #1 plus-size lifestyle magazine, has just released its October 2011 issue with curvy cover model Jenn Purviance. The theme of the month is the “Magical Powers of Curves”. Transformation and mysteriousness are all words that come to mind when we think of the many beauty, fashion and lifestyle secrets of women; throughout the month of October we … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday DVD: Revisiting The Past For A Fashionable Future

August 2009, The 1st Daily Venus Diva Cover

Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. ~Mary Tyler Moore 2 years ago when I took over as Editor-In-Chief of the newly modeled Daily Venus, I didn't know what I was getting myself into. I dabbled in journalism and wrote poetry while in school, but I never thought I would … [Read more...]

As MTV Gets Older (30 Y.O.), Parents Must Get Wiser


I don't remember the actual day that MTV launched (I was only 3 years old). I barely remember watching anything on MTV before 1990. That was around the time that pop culture actually mattered to me. From my pre-teen years to my high school years, MTV's lineup has changed but I made sure I watched the shows that made sense to me. What started out as a network for music and … [Read more...]