Diva Of The Week: Teri Hofford


What makes you a Diva? I own my style and play by my own rules. I learned a few years ago that you will never make everyone happy, so just make yourself happy and never settle for anything less. I believe in affirming the positives, so dressing FOR your body...I tend to accent my chest, long legs, and my mass of curly hair! Being a thrift store junky, I have a continuous cycle … [Read more...]

Venus Diva Of The Week: Tiffany Borders

Headshot 2BordersTiffany (4)-E2B-1

The week is over so it’s time to celebrate with a new Venus Diva of the Week, Tiffany Borders.  This size 18 beauty is from Dallas, TX. In Tiffany's words: My CONFIDENCE makes me a Diva! My plus size inspirations are proper fit, comfort, look and COLOR!!! My curvy style can be described as “simple & chic” There are so many plus size designers but I love Igigi … [Read more...]

Venus Diva of the Week: Emily Roy

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The week is over so it's time to celebrate with a new Venus Diva of the Week, Emily Roy! This size 18, 31 yr. old beauty works at the Montreal Planetarium. In Emily's words: My confidence, my undeniable sense of style and my positive energy. My plus size inspirations are Ashley Graham, Denise Bidot, Mia Tyler and Rebel Wilson. Those girls rock the runway or a movie and I … [Read more...]

Diva Of The Day: Tawanna Jones

Diva Of The Day: Tawanna Jones

We love featuring our readers and that's exactly what our 'Diva of the Day' segment allows us to do.  First up is Sales Associate Tawanna Jones.  We spoke with Tawanna about plus size fashion, inspiration and being a Diva! What makes a woman a Diva? A Diva is someone who carries themselves in a respectable manner.  Someone who not only looks the part but can walk, talk, … [Read more...]

Everyday DIVA: Meet Dary-Lee Lander


Our Everyday DIVA of the week is Dary-Lee Lander from Puerto Rico. She's a personal trainer, an aspiring plus-size model and Mrs. Puerto Rico Bold & Beautiful 2011. What makes you an Everyday DIVA?  My attitude, security in what I do and as I do and the projection of what is real in me is what makes me an everyday DIVA. Keeping a positive message and feel comfortable in … [Read more...]

Everyday DIVA: Meet Jesika Jeune

Jesika black dress

Our Everyday DIVA of the week is Jesika Jeune of Cambridge, MA. She's an aspiring Fiercely Real Plus Size Model & Chief Financial Officer of Together Against Malaria (TAMTAM: www.tamtamafrica.org). I am an Everyday DIVA because I am young woman that is Dedicated, Intelligent, Voluptuous, and Authentic. I’m a full-figured woman working full-time as an Accountant for … [Read more...]

Everyday DIVA: Meet Danielle Addison

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Our Everyday Diva of the Week is Danielle Addison.  She would like to become a plus size model. I live in Solihull, Birmingham (West Midlands of England) I am currently working as a hairdresser and also studying to become a teacher in this subject area, with the hope to teach students in schools and colleges. I am a diva because I am Confident, Charismatic and … [Read more...]

Everyday DIVA: Joy Tribble Of Atlanta, GA

Joy 3

Our Everyday DIVA of the Week is Joy Tribble of Atlanta, GA Joy Tribble is a Radio Professional (Marketing and Radio Personality). Joy is also a plus size model and founder of Walking Curves, a plus size women's fitness group. What makes you an everyday diva? I believe versatility makes me or any other woman, an everyday diva. I feel you should have the ability to rock a … [Read more...]

Everyday DIVA: Shawana Vickers of Ocala, Florida

Fashion Show- Flavore- 163

Our Everyday DIVA of the week is Shawana Vickers She is the President/Co-Founder--More Than Enough Women (A non-profit organization for women and young girls that empowers and motivates in all areas of life).  Aspiring plus-size model, stay at home wife and mother of two. What makes you an everyday diva:  My style and attitude is what makes me an everyday DIVA.  I carry … [Read more...]

Everyday DIVA: Noely Monfiston


Noely Monfiston of Bloomfield, New Jersey Profession: Make-up artist, hair and clothes stylist What makes you an “Everyday Diva”: My inner strength and beauty is what makes me an "Everyday Diva"! What sets you apart from other Divas? What sets me apart from other divas is my ambition to go beyond the "Norm". We only get to do this living thing once. So why limit the … [Read more...]

Everyday DIVA: Lauren Veluvolu of Naperville, Illinois


Name Lauren Veluvolu Where are you from Naperville, Illinois Profession Aspiring Plus Size Model What makes you an Everyday Diva I want nothing but to succeed in what I do, and what I believe in. Many girls my age that have self-body issues personally come up to me, or contact me for advice. I want there to always be someone that they can go to for advice. When I was … [Read more...]

Everyday Diva: Thameka Thompson of Morristown, New Jersery

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What makes Thameka Thompson an Everyday DIVA: I'm an "Everyday Diva" because I'm smart (Yale College, Class of 2009), I'm driven (I have a business with my sister; I am pursuing plus-size/full-figured modeling; and I work full time!), and most of all I am fun and fashionable at all times! I love to read (currently I'm reading Ann Petry's "The Street"), write … [Read more...]

Meet Everyday DIVA: LaShanda Thurston from Temple Hills, MD


LaShanda Thurston from Temple Hills, MD What makes you a DIVA: I am an intelligent, motivated, voluptuous young woman who is full of quality and depth!  It is a must that I look and feel amazing. Even my surroundings need to be chic and fabulous. I love to see women dress well and fashion is not only my drug of choice.....but it's a natural HIGH that I never want to come down … [Read more...]