Watch This Plus Size Model Uplift Listeners Through Poetry During Rehearsal For FFFWeek

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What happens backstage, stays backstage.  During a rehearsal session for this year’s Full Figured Fashion Week, several models broke into an improvisational performance of singing and spoken word. In the following clip Poet Miss Pinky will make you say ‘Preach’ as she shares the realities of being a plus sized woman. Make sure you pay attention from 1:49 - 1:55.  Miss Pinky … [Read more...]

Reflections of Jewels – A Reflection Piece By Plus Model Jewels Hay


Poem by:  Jewels Hay Looking at the person across from you at the coffee shop, you don't see what they have been through. You don't see the scars of the darkness that has burned deep within them. But looking into a person’s eyes you can see everything. Looking into those beautiful eyes you feel that they are filled with love and light. We all have been through … [Read more...]

Plus Size Poet, Grande’ Beauty: “I Write To Empower Women To Embrace Their Curves”

Photo credit : Jerel Coles for Visual Impressionz Photography in Columbus,Ga

Plus Size Poet, Grande' Beauty: "I Write To Empower Women To Embrace Their Curves" One thing I love most about interviews is that it not only gives us a chance to get to know one another on a more personal level, it also gives us more insight on life, dreams, success, set backs, and everything in between.  We almost learn for ourselves things in life we haven't … [Read more...]

Video Of The Day: Domestic Violence From A Male Point Of View


A few days I received this video from Poet, author & spoken word artist Terrell K. Mercer and I was in awe of the honesty conveyed in the video by this talented poet. Through poetry Terrell shares his highs as well as his lows in life just to help his fellow man overcome. In 2010 Terrell released Life, Hymns & Love Notes, his first published work.  And a few years ago … [Read more...]

Poetry Corner: “I Wish”


I wish I was thin with a big white grin, Teeth all straight with a flawless face No freckles, no spots maybe just a cute mole Like Cindy Crawford or Marylin Monroe I wish I was blessed with ample breasts, Small waist, curvy hips and a butt that won’t quit I wish my hair was straight and my eyes were blue, I love goldilocks, wish I was blonde too I wish I had dark skin … [Read more...]

Reconnect with Family

cousins n greatgran

On Tuesday funeral services for my uncle Raymond began. He was the kind of person that never held back and was always straight up about his feelings. He was a U.S. Marine, loving husband, father, grandfather, brother, son and uncle and will be greatly missed. When I was growing up, he was the true example of what a father was and I always loved and admired him. He taught me … [Read more...]

Am I Like My Pocketbook?


Am I Like My Pocketbook? So many things crammed inside, some things hard to find, others to my embarrassment exposed right on top....I'm embarrassed to even look inside around others... Am I like my bag - my bag which holds receipts, shoes a bus pass, money, change, lipgloss, eyeliner, a bible, pens, a notebook, tissues and empty candy wrappers? Am I like my bag holding … [Read more...]

Ode to an “Imperfect” Female Body


By: Julia Kyong Allen The supple flesh of femininity Is full of pound and meat defined In rounded stalks, my form that is enshrined More fertile offerings, divinity For hourglass found sexuality Not sapling shoots of slender greens declined To skeletons of females left confined With non-developed anonymity I’m not that graceful twig in winter that When under weight … [Read more...]



MY CURVES I can't be like no one else, I can only be me. Though I have people that I love and admire, I have to embrace what makes me unique. Tempted to become the cookie-cutter ideal of what society labels attractive in a woman in form and in presence...but no, I decline. I am here and focused only to celebrate what is already mines...THESE ARE MY CURVES, natural, soft … [Read more...]

Youth of Tomorrow


Written By: Anthony Lewis My heart was filled with sorrow when I was shown a vision of our youth tomorrow. Then I was led to say with tears in my eyes, what can I do, what must I do? Cause my prayers went up like gas prices but every situation reminds me of the book of Job first chapter 1 to 12. When satan attacked his character. Same thing happening to our … [Read more...]



Fall down on me today and wipe my tears away Shine on me with you marvelous sun rays I have a new mind state and no longer in this rut will I remain. For there is a new season to come and the new journey in my life begins today. So I am going to enjoy my life more than ever even if I have to go dance in the rain! Yes I will try harder to take better care of me. Yes I … [Read more...]

When Jealousy Creeps In…


She walks into the room and now it seems like all eyes are on her. She is the type that likes to smile a lot, seducing people into her false ways. She is a phony, as fake as a woman with a mask..trying hard to make you jealous because she likes her own swagg. Her presence is demanding... it's quiet but it's loud. She changes the atmosphere with arrogance because she … [Read more...]



staring at these four walls got me going crazy cause i cant get him off my mind battling emotions, battling rational with the irrational feenin for truth like it's reality stronger than 150 proof itchin for love like its my dreams habit at night, during the day got my eyes wide shut praying for serenity tranquil thoughts to lull me to sleep this prison soft cell … [Read more...]

So Able


He’s able to make me more than I ever thought I could be. So long as I keep my mind focused on Him and place Him first in my life then I have the victory. For seasons come and seasons go and it is through these seasons, in which we learn and grow. I look in the mirror and see a change in me. No longer am I what I used to be for now I’m free. I have finally learned to … [Read more...]

A Tree Stands


Winter summer spring and fall There is a tree that stands tall Outstretched limbs to the heavens Branches curved and some even bends But it stands firm through every season Good Godly roots can be the only reason Ghe winds of fall the rains of spring Gut in the end good fruit it brings The bitterness of winter the heat of summer Not perfect but still seen as His … [Read more...]

A Venus Diva


What started out as simply a poem to be placed in our Poetry section, ended up being an ode to sisterhood. Limarie, our Poetry/Empowerment Editor fills our pages with poetry and inspiration each and every month and this poem is no different. What is different about this one is the way that it captures the true meaning of a Venus Diva in her eyes as well as speaks for so many … [Read more...]