“This Girl Can” Campaign Tells The Real Story Of Women Who Play Sports


“This Girl Can” Campaign Tells The Real Story Of Women Who Play Sports… The conversation of realistic representation of women of all sizes, shapes and ethnicities is typically reduced fashion retailers and magazine spreads, but what about commercials? Seeing women that resemble your likeness is important whether you’re shopping online, flipping through the pages of […]

In Her Words: Body & Fitness Advocate Louise Green Chronicles Her First Half Marathon


Louise Green is a globally recognized “fit and fat” voice at the forefront of the Body Advocacy movement.  She recently wrote the blog post “Pioneering Fit and Fat, which chronicles her anticipation of running first half marathon. You can follow Louise online at louisegreen.ca It’s race day and after flying from Vancouver to San Francisco to run my first half […]

See How This Woman Is Celebrating Her New “Ugly” Body


Love Yourself & Your Body Before, During & After Weight Loss Last month we shared a story of the untold issues that may arise when you lose a large amount of weight. The story brought up that due to excess skin, shopping for clothes and even being comfortable in this new body/skin can be a bit […]

Did Your Child Receive A “Fat Letter” From School Yet?

Did Your Child Receive A “Fat Letter” From School Yet?

Plus Size Acceptance News I was shocked to read a story on CNN.com about 19 states that allowed elementary school students to be sent home with a letter to their parents warning that they may be obese. How did the schools come to this information? They calculated each child’s BMI. What do the kids call […]

Yoga For The Pretty Bendy Chubby Chick

Plus Size Yoga

By: Jen McGuire  Most of my life I’ve been a plus-sized woman. Hovering around the size 14/16 mark, sometimes heading into the no-man’s land between plus-size and straight-size. That was tough. Being just a touch too small for one store and a touch too big for the other (while also getting “The Look” in the […]