Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned As A Plus Size Athlete


By: Louise Green In 2008 I gave birth to my son; three months later I decided, despite my leaking boobs, the tail end of postpartum and weighing in at my all time heaviest weight of 242lbs, that this was the perfect time to become a personal trainer. Upon acquiring all my certifications I opened my business, Body Exchange, and I dedicated my services to the plus-size woman. … [Read more...]

Tatiana Scott of ‘Fit With Curves’ Shares Workout Tips With


Tatiana Scott of 'Fit With Curves' Shares Workout Tips With Our motto is to "thrive in your curves." Living a healthy lifestyle is a must nowadays to living longer, but that doesn’t mean you have to lose weight. We share stories of those who are on journeys toward healthier lifestyles and those that show that regardless of your size you can be a plus size woman … [Read more...]

In Her Words: Body & Fitness Advocate Louise Green Chronicles Her First Half Marathon


Louise Green is a globally recognized “fit and fat” voice at the forefront of the Body Advocacy movement.  She recently wrote the blog post "Pioneering Fit and Fat, which chronicles her anticipation of running first half marathon. You can follow Louise online at It’s race day and after flying from Vancouver to San Francisco to run my first half marathon, I … [Read more...]

Be PhActive: 55 Day Challenge Gives You A Reason To Try New Activities


There are many types of blogs in the plus community and we try to shine a spotlight on the ones we find interesting, inspiring and/or just plain bold. We also always try to help share the story of people who help encourage others to live a healthy lifestyle and thrive in their curves. So without further delay, here’s a submission from a new blog Be PhActive! In just a matter of … [Read more...]

See How This Woman Is Celebrating Her New “Ugly” Body


Love Yourself & Your Body Before, During & After Weight Loss Last month we shared a story of the untold issues that may arise when you lose a large amount of weight. The story brought up that due to excess skin, shopping for clothes and even being comfortable in this new body/skin can be a bit of a task. This month we're sharing another perspective on the … [Read more...]

Kirstie Alley Joins Jenny Craig and Offends People with ‘Circus Fat’ Comment


After severing ties with Jenny Craig seven years ago, Kirstie Alley has recently signed on as a spokeswoman for the weight loss brand. The actress and Dancing with the Stars alum admits that she was doing great for a while and then her weight began to increase.  Kirstie’s return to Jenny Craig follows a 30 lb. weight gain in a six month period. I get it.  No one wants to gain … [Read more...]

Plus Size Fitness Instructor Jeanette DePatie Says Everybody Can Exercise

Jeanette DePatie and Katie Couric

When I saw Certified Fitness Instructor, Jeanette DePatie, on the Katie Couric show, I just had to reach out and ask for an interview. I found it absolutely encouraging and awesome to see a full figured woman that went against societal norms and became a fitness instructor. Speaking with Jeanette was an absolute pleasure and she is down right honest and funny. T. Marlene: … [Read more...]

Plus Size & Expecting: Pregnancy Myths Debunked!


The internet can be a gift and a curse at times. On one hand, it’s a great tool to use to research certain topics but when the topics researched involves medical advice or pregnancy tips, don’t be surprised if you’re led down the wrong path. Here are 5 common pregnancy myths debunked by Sonali Shivlani, a certified pregnancy, lactation and child nutrition counselor. Myth 1: … [Read more...]

European Morning After Pill Is Not Effective For Plus Size Women


European Morning After Pill Is Not Effective For Plus Size Women During the first half of 2014, Norlevo, an emergency contraceptive manufactured in Europe will include new labels warning women that the pill may be ineffective if they’re over 165 pounds. HRA Pharma, a European company that manufactures Norlevo (similar to Plan B), updated their packaging after research … [Read more...]

Overweight Pilots Will Be Tested For Sleep Apnea Before Operating An Airplane


Overweight Pilots Will Be Tested For Sleep Apnea Before Operating An Airplane The Federal Aviation Administration recently announced that overweight airline pilots now have special requirements that they must adhere to before operating a plane. Before operating a plane, overweight pilots must undergo a sleep apnea test. Sleep apnea is a disorder that negatively impacts … [Read more...]

6 Tips For Developing A Healthier Mind, Body and Soul


6 Tips For Developing A Healthier Mind, Body and Soul I am always looking to improve myself inside and out; it is an everyday process and life is too short to not live your best life now. The following are just some tips that have helped me and are helping me become healthier; mind, body and soul. First things first look INWARD! Begin thinking about your self-worth, your … [Read more...]

No Treats For Kids This Halloween: Are “Fat Letters” Instead Of Candy Acceptable Or Offensive?

Fat letters instead of candy

No Treats For Kids This Halloween:  Are "Fat Letters" Instead Of Candy Acceptable Or Offensive? Last month we told you about "fat letters" that were given to children at certain schools.   These are letters to the parents of kids with what's deemed as a potentially unhealthy BMI. Many parents were upset about the hurtful effects not to mention how it crosses the line … [Read more...]

Cancer Survivors Can Now Adorn Their Curves In Lingerie After A Mastectomy, post surgery bras

By:  Cassandra Jones-McBryde Cancer Survivors Can Now Adorn Their Curves In Lingerie After A Mastectomy October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and according to the American Cancer Society about 234,580 new breast cancer cases are expected to be diagnosed in 2013 in both men and women. The percentage is overwhelming for women at 232,340. Despite the fact that many women … [Read more...]

Daily Venus Sponsors “Pink & Paint” Event for Breast Cancer Awareness


Plus Size Lifestyle Blog, Daily Venus Sponsors “Pink & Paint” Event for Breast Cancer Awareness The #1 plus-size lifestyle blog, Daily Venus (DVD) is pleased to announce that they will be holding a “Pink & Paint event on October 20, 2013 from 1pm-3pm in Matthews, North Carolina. Guests will be invited to bring their favorite wine, friends and tap … [Read more...]

Did Your Child Receive A “Fat Letter” From School Yet?

Did Your Child Receive A “Fat Letter” From School Yet?

Plus Size Acceptance News I was shocked to read a story on about 19 states that allowed elementary school students to be sent home with a letter to their parents warning that they may be obese. How did the schools come to this information? They calculated each child’s BMI. What do the kids call the letters being sent home? Fat Letters. I'm sad for our children. … [Read more...]

Clean Eating: 3 Recipes To Get You Started


So you’re thinking about giving clean eating a try. What is clean eating anyway?  Clean eating is a way of life that encourages you to enjoy whole foods. Foods that are as close to their natural state as possible.  Eating clean means eating plenty of fruits and veggies, lean meats and avoiding sugary drinks. Here are 3 clean eating recipes from Cooking Light that will get you … [Read more...]