Not A Fan Of Beth Ditto’s New Collection? At Least She’s Consistent.

I Like Several Items From Beth Ditto’s New Collection


Since launching her clothing line earlier this year, Beth Ditto has remained true to who she is. Her plus size offerings are unapologetic fashion, and that’s what she embodies. So did it surprise me that some people weren’t impressed with the recent images released to assist in launching her Winter 2016 collection? Not at all.




Fashion is very personal, and I’d be willing to bet that this campaign is a direct reflection of Beth Ditto’s individual style. You can’t ask for much more from a designer.  This collection may not appeal to the style aesthetic of some, but several women love everything about this collection, including the imagery that accompanied its release.  I’m here for individuality.  I’m here for being a unique, and I’m here for being organically you.  That’s what Beth did with her new collection.



Do you feel this new Beth Ditto collection? Check it out at shop,

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