Plus Size Fashion Find: Black Onyx Thigh Bands From Bandelettes®

Say Goodbye To Thigh Chafing, Thanks To Bandelettes!


Thigh chafing is a real issue for many of us plus size women; especially during the warmer months. We don’t take this concern lightly and neither does Bandelettes.

What are Bandelettes?

They are attractive thigh bands designed to stay put and provide comfort and protection against chafing all day long. Because we’re stylish, so are Bandelettes®. They’re available in various sizes and colors.

Check out this pair made of beautiful lace and tell us what you think!

Black Onyx Bandelettes, $15.99. Available at!

Ashley Nell Tipton & JCPenney Celebrated Size Diversity In A Major Way!

Plus Size Fashion Find: Black Unisex Thigh Bands by Bandelettes®