Poet & Dad Khari Created The Perfect Anti-Bullying Song With Help From His Daughters

We absolutely adore these types of stories!


After his daughter Nia was teased at school, poet Khari Toure took a different approach to combating the bullying. Of course, he addressed the bullying in person, but what he did next was unconventional. Khari and his children went into the studio and the result was an anti-bullying anthem called “Love Yourself.”

The daddy-daughter duo recently appeared on The Meredith Vieira Show to share the story behind the song.  An anthem that should be heard and memorized by kids everywhere.

When Meredith asked Nia why she named the song, “Love Yourself,” the beautiful 6-year-old replied, “I call it “Love Yourself” because you need to care about what you feel and what you feel about yourself in your heart right here,” as she pointed to her chest.


Take a look at the video that started it all. You’ll probably end up singing along like I did.

I’m Beautiful. I’m Worthy.

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