Rebel Wilson’s Voice Stars In New DISH Network ‘Hopper’ Commercial

Just in time for the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, Dish Network has launched a new television commercial starring Rebel Wilson.

In the commercial, actress Rebel Wilson is Hopper the Kangaroo, an office employee enjoying the basketball tournament on a tablet device.

It’s a cute commercial with a recognizable voice — a voice that makes for a character that’s highly engaging.

This is the first of a series of television commercials featuring Hopper the Kangaroo.

Check out the official commercial below.

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  1. NoNoNo says

    For a British …woman … Wilson uses not only her own accent, but attempts Aussie and American dialects as well. Unfortunately, they were all for the same character.

    She is moderately amusing in some of her less stupid roles, but this was an odd performance, especially given the exorbitant fees the “talent” fetches for voice-over work.

    You don’t have to pimp her because she is overweight. Stop catering solely to the minorities in an attempt to integrate unwanted aspects into more traditional households – thanks.

  2. ron says

    @no no. Wtf .
    “attempt to integrate unwanted aspects into more traditional households” Wilson is funny to a lot of people , I find her funny at times, don’t thi n k she’s being forced down people throat cause she’s what u called overweight , unless I misread your intentions which I doubt but I digress n apologize if I’m wrong . Anyway ,You are a very stupid closed .minded person .
    P.s. she’s australian . Her accent seems to b some weird mix of sort. Imho.

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