Gabourey Sidibe Shares Plans To Open A Non-Profit Organization For Women And Girls

Gabourey Sidibe Shares Plans To Open A Non-Profit Organization For Women And Girls


Whether you love Gabourey Sidibe or not, it’s hard to deny her star power or her ability to stay relevant in an industry that’s known for judging people for their outer appearances.

After coming under fire for making offensive comments about transexuals, the American Horror Story: Coven star may have redeemed herself.

During a recent interview Gabourey Sidibe was asked about giving back and helping others. In response to the question she shared plans to launch a non-profit organization dedicated towards building self-esteem.

When asked details about the organization, she shared:

I think it would be about just building a good self image and really building confidence. I think that’s the most important thing that I have that I hold on to. It was the hardest thing that I ever had to build and it’s the hardest thing to maintain.”

Gabby doesn’t plan to leave anyone out. “It wouldn’t just be for young girls because there are a lot of grown women who don’t know that they are worthy of love,” she shared. “I think that it would be for every girl!”

Source: Hello Beautiful

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  1. Francine Dupont says

    will look where I can buy magazine in Canada Ladies are beautiful and kudo to Gabodey for her statements on anti bullying against women and girls of any age, Bravo, your new friend Francine Dupont of Montreal, Quebec, Canada keep on smiling

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