Oscar Winner Mo’Nique Will Star In Indie Film ‘Blackbird’

Oscar Winner Mo’Nique Will Star In Indie Film ‘Blackbird’

Mo'Nique Stars In Film 'Blackbird

Mo’Nique Stars In Film ‘Blackbird

It’s been a minute since we’ve seen Mo’Nique in a movie or on television. After winning an Oscar for her role in Precious and then bidding farewell to her talk show on BET, it seems like she went into hiding.

Last year, the actress re-emerged with a new figure and now she’s ready to return to the silver screen according to Deadline. In her first movie since her historic 2010 Oscar win, Mo’Nique will star beside Isaiah Washington in Blackbird, a film about making difficult choices and finding yourself in the process.

In the film, Mo’Nique plays a mother who blames her son’s lifestyle revelation for his sister going missing. Mo’Nique along with her husband Sidney Hicks are exec producers through Hicks Media.

Since Mo’Nique won the Oscar, we have received a flood of scripts, but nothing captured our attention until Isaiah — who we have a high level of respect for — sent us Blackbird. We became instant fans of Patrik-Ian Polk and knew we had to get behind this important film,” shared Sidney Hicks.

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