“Hey, Mom It Fits!”, Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Fund Plus size Children’s Clothing Line

“Hey, Mom It Fits!”, Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Fund Plus size Children’s Clothing Line
T Marlene

“Hey, Mom It Fits!”, Launches Kickstarter Campaign To Help Fund Plus size Children’s Clothing Line

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I have been plus sized for most of my life so I can relate to the difficulties a parent has shopping for clothing that not only fits but is age appropriate. I have yet to see this part of the industry grow. Children have the same issues we have as plus women; designers are just making larger patterns but that does not mean it fits nor flatters. At times you end up with kids looking like little adults instead of children. Jade (my daughter) is on the thin side right now but I like to keep up with fashion trends and know what options we have whether she stays on this tall and slender side or becomes plus.

Ruth Smith, owner of Hey, Mom it Fits!

Ruth Smith, owner of Hey, Mom it Fits!

I recently ran into “Hey, Mom It Fits!” and was instantly thrilled to find someone trying to make a difference for our kids. Ruth Smith out of Illinois has been designing age appropriate plus children’s clothing for a few years now and has recently turned to hoping to attain financial backing for help to expand resources. Ruth states on KickStarter that the business grew from her own horrible shopping experiences trying to find clothing that fit, was fashionable and reasonably priced for her son. As adults it’s disappointing and sometimes depressing to constantly go from store to store and not find anything in your size or looks good on you, can you imagine how it feels for a child?

This is an awesome business to support because there is a need. It seems like teens and adult clothing has come a long way, but we’ve yet to have anyone specialize in children’s clothing. Some will probably argue that there isn’t a need and it promotes childhood obesity. This is the furthest thing from the truth. Yes, childhood obesity is a problem but does that mean we ignore the children that are currently plus size? Make them continue to feel ostracized by wearing sacks and florals because they have not lost the weight yet? No. As adults, we have come to learn that you have to love who you are before you lose the weight. Anything to help our children feel confident in themselves is something we should support.

The goals set for “Hey, Mom It Fits!” “are to be the preferred provider of plus-sized children’s clothing.

“We want to fill the gap in the clothing market where plus sized children’s clothing exists. We want our vision for fashion to represent the style of children.”

I believe with the plus communities help this is something that can go a long way.

We love to thrive in our curves and train our kids to learn how to thrive in theirs.

To support “Hey, Mom It Fits!” click here.

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  1. Curve Appeal Fashion

    November 13, 2013 at 7:45 am

    Hello Venus Diva, love your blog and have been a huge follower for a few years. I would love a way of contacting you in hopes of some possible shout outs and love in our mission to expand the curvy movement in our plus size community in Cleveland, OH. Currently we are working with Cleveland FW trying to gain their support to allow a plus size runway show as well as with other businesses within our community. We have began a Kickstarter project to help launch our new clothing line “Pulp Rejuvenation”, as well fund our huge style show in Feb. 2014. Looking for support and love from fellow plus size communities and movers. Thanks so much for your time. Marian Zipay, Founder Curve Appeal

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