Plus Size Poet, Grande’ Beauty: “I Write To Empower Women To Embrace Their Curves”

Plus Size Poet, Grande’ Beauty: “I Write To Empower Women To Embrace Their Curves”

Plus Size Poet, Grande’ Beauty: “I Write To Empower Women To Embrace Their Curves”

Photo credit : Jerel Coles for Visual Impressionz Photography in Columbus,Ga

Photo credit : Jerel Coles for Visual Impressionz Photography in Columbus,Ga

One thing I love most about interviews is that it not only gives us a chance to get to know one another on a more personal level, it also gives us more insight on life, dreams, success, set backs, and everything in between.  We almost learn for ourselves things in life we haven’t experienced, through just hearing or reading about another’s experience.  Curvy women everywhere are an inspiration to me because for so long we were belittled and ignored.

The following interview is one with a woman with a voice, a voice that delivers straight up raw emotions not for faint at heart;  Introducing Poetess Grande’ Beauty. Tell us a little about yourself. How long have you been doing poetry and has it always been this easy for you to be so expressive in your craft?

Poetess Grande’: I’m Grande’ Beauty. I am a 33 year old spoken word artist/poet, born and raised in Columbus, Ga. I started writing poetry at the age of eight. It was the way I would express my emotions that I couldn’t express to my mother or teachers about hurt, pain, and things that I was going through eternally. I didn’t start performing live until 2011 and I just went to an open mic and they loved me and it was on after that.

I was so nervous but the more I performed the more the nerves wore off.  I still get some nervousness and I remember the actress and comedian Monique said the singer Vesta told her “If you ever get to the point where you’re not nervous before you go out on a stage then you need to quit cause you aren’t humble anymore.”  So my nervousness makes me smile in a way.  It’s very easy for me to express my craft because it’s so real, it’s my life my real and raw emotions sometimes I have to hold back tears on certain poems or calm down my anger. As a full figured woman, what do you think it means to “Thrive in your Curves” as it pertains to relationships, dreams and career choices?

Poetess Grande’:  As a plus size woman “Thrive in your Curves” in a relationship means to love every inch of yourself and your significant other will love you just that much more. Thrive, knowing he loves the curve of your hips, the curve in your breast, the arch in your back. Just know that you are his dream come to life. 

The dream part pertains to my life because I know without a doubt if I wasn’t a curvy woman I would not be where I am today.  I feel I would just be another ordinary chick with just a pretty face.  I love me and I love my body and I know my curves push me through the roof and are the reason my dreams are coming true every day. My curves are what I write about and I write to empower other women to embrace their curves. I empower women by writing poems about how I “Thrive in my Curves.” Without these curves I wouldn’t be the poet I am today.  These curves made me in more ways than one. What are some of your greatest accomplishments as a poet/woman and what advice do you have for other women who struggle to find their own voice?

Poetess Grande’: I will have to say my first biggest accomplishment was when the world renowned Tony Award winning poet Georgia Me called and asked me to be a part of her show she did in Atlanta, Ga. My second greatest was my CD “Memoirs of a Sultry Poetess” my album was my outburst of everything  I felt from 2010-2013. The hurt, pain, tears, misery, pleasure and anger. You name it I felt it, but I over came it.  My new CD will be like the sun rising after the darkest night. I will say my third accomplishment was when I won poet/spoken word artist of the year at The Grip Grammy Awards here in Columbus, Ga.

My advice to women trying to find their voice is to just speak, speak your truth.  As long as you’re true no one can deny they have heard you. Speak your truth with authority and make peoples ears tremble and their hearts rumble.  Most importantly you can’t be prideful being a poet or speaker of any kind.  You have to be naked in front of the crowd having not a care in the world of what they will think or say, this is your truth!! Why do you think your poetry is so powerful and what do you hope to accomplish by the end of THIS year?

Poetess Grande’: My poetry is so powerful because I own it; I own every word.  I am not ashamed of my situations that I write about.  When I write self empowering poetry, it’s my life.   I believe every word and I know people see it in my eyes, my expressions and my tone of voice says take me, take this or leave it. I stand on what I say and I float on it and right into the crowd soul. I make small women wish they were plus size just so they can know what that power is like and that is no lie. After shows small women  often walk up to me and say “I’m not plus size but I felt that and it made me wish I was a big girl.”  I know then I have done my job.

It was my great pleasure interviewing Grande’ Beauty.  This poet comes from the heart and is living her dreams every day, completely “Thriving in her Curves”!  Check her poetry out at

Keep Thriving!

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Limarie Lewis is a Philadelphia native recording artist known as Poetikmind with her independent critically acclaimed album titled "Deep Thoughts Defined". She is a wife, stepmother, poet, writer, Sunday school teacher, administrative assistant and Plus Model with TRUE Model Management. She holds a BA in Elementary & Special Education and enjoys working with youth and empowering women of all ages to love themselves for who they are because they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

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