Plus Size Body Talk: Why #BodyConfidenceWeek Is Very Necessary

Plus Size Body Talk:  Why #BodyConfidenceWeek Is Very Necessary

Curvy Confidence

Curvy Confidence

A few days ago, Meghan Tonjes released this video of her reading tweets posted during #FatShamingWeek. Many of the tweeters think they’re being helpful but that’s so far from the truth. In the video, Meghan shares, “It’s no one’s job to defend themselves as being worthy of existence.”

In the following video, Meghan shares her thoughts on the tweets as she eloquently puts those tweeters in their place:

I’m not sure who started this hideous week or why they would do such a thing, but their behavior is no match for millions of women and men online who promote positive messages over bullying.

Because of the cruelty creating behind this movement of shaming others, #Bodyconfidenceweek was created by Sarah Martindale.

Earlier this year, our Curvy Confidence Editor, Limarie Lewis enlisted several plus size women for our July cover and the Curvy Confidence photo shoot.  During the Curvy Confidence photo shoot, women were inspired as they modeled, celebrated their curves and motivated their sisters.  That’s what body confidence is all about.

We will continue to do our part through by creating an online space that celebrates, inspires and educates plus size women.

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