Plus Size Fashion: New Anna Scholz Collection Inspired By NYC

Plus Size Fashion: New Anna Scholz Collection Inspired By NYC 


Plus size designer Anna Scholz is known for her bright bold prints, striking silhouettes and luxe fabrics. When you think of plus size fashion, her name is one of the many names that immediately comes to mind, and rightfully so. Since the late 80s Anna has been honing her craft as a designer and positioning herself as one of the premiere designers of luxury plus size fashion.

Recently the celebrated designer launched her Fall/Winter 2013 collection and in a season known for darker and mundane colors, this collection is the complete opposite. Inspired by New York City, Anna Scholz enlisted the help of beautiful models Clemintine Desseaux and Denise Bidot to bring the collection to life.



View Anna Scholz Autumn/Winter 2013 Collection Here

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