2013 May Cover Model: Summer Wayans

Photo By: Inez Lewis

Photo By: Inez Lewis

Summer Wayans is a plus sized model with IPM Models in New York & Los Angeles who is passionate about people and empowering them to chase their dreams. She currently is pursuing her Ph.D in Clinical Psychology with an emphasis in Multicultural Communities and shares this message with the world:

“I want to show others that you don’t have to choose between education and modeling, you can do both.”

Let’s get to know Summer a little more!

Does her last name sound familiar? Well that is because she is a second generation Wayans. Coming from such a talented family filled with actors, comedians & screenwriters, I wondered if she ever felt any pressure to pursue acting or if modeling was always at the top of her agenda and surprisingly her answer was “No” to both. Always being told she had a pretty face, Summer was scouted at a mall when she was younger but it turned out to be a scam so she was quite leery of modeling altogether. It wasn’t until (about 3 years ago)that Summer decided that she wanted to try modeling while attending an open call that was seeking plus models to walk the runway and she’s been non-stop ever since!

What do you love most about modeling?

I love the way modeling makes me feel and I love being able to get feedback from people. I am inspired by others, meeting new people, networking and being creative.  I love that by doing what I am doing, I am representing so many people in the world.  My supporters have reached out to let me know how much I inspire people or as a result of something I did, they feel more empowered.  That really warms my heart and pushes me to strive even higher.

Even though plus modeling is starting to boom now more than ever, what would you say to people who say plus modeling is not necessary or plus models aren’t real models?

Plus size models represent the majority of women and we love ourselves enough to break the mold.

Photo By: Inez Lewis

Photo By: Inez Lewis

In an industry where everything is so fast-paced, what keeps you grounded as a model and student?

Time management is essential in order for me to focus on my studies but also make sure I have time to shoot and go to castings.  My faith and  my family keeps me grounded, especially my mom Diedra Wayans.  My family is great and humble. People always see the glitz and the glam but my family came from the projects with 12 people living in a 3 bedroom apartment – 5 boys in one room, 5 girls in another and my grandparents. All of the values instilled in me came from my family. I have a good support system that I am thankful for, my family is loving and supportive so they definitely keep me grounded.

What was it like being the only plus sized model that walked the runway for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim last Summer?

I am so comfortable in my own skin that my problem is clothes! It is only when you can’t find your size in something when you feel gross. When I walked at first I didn’t even realize I was the only plus sized model there. The women were so supportive and I received so many compliments, it was so empowering standing there with my thighs out standing up on the podium in my swimsuit. I loved it! I am normally kind of shy but on the runway I turn into my alter ago like Beyonce’s Sasha Fierce, I become Summer Fierce because that is what it takes on the runway and you have to deliver!

What designer at the present time would you love to model for?

There are so many amazing designers that I would love to model for but right now I would LOVE to model anything from Shanda Freeman’s Oceana Collection. I loved that she had a lot of white body hugging dresses. You rarely see body hugging dresses made for my size so I would definitely love to model those.

Is there any particular look that you are excited to shoot?

I haven’t shot any edgy/fancy cool looks like the ones you’d see in Vogue with the 9” heels, that would be fun to do. Outside of modeling I am a laid back Cali girl that rocks yoga pants and flip flops.

What’s in your everyday makeup bag?

Eyeliner & Chapstick, I am pretty easygoing.

Photo by: Lesley Pedraza

Let’s Have A Little Fun! 

Favorite Photoshoot Music:

Definitely Rihanna or Beyonce! These women know how to deliver multiple personalities through their music and I am a Pisces and can definitely get with it.

Driving Home Music:

I love club music driving home. I am usually up early heading to class so I need music that pumps me up. You know that music that makes you go “AA-owww”, raunchy & somewhat ratchet LOL!  Overall though my favorite things to listen to are R& B and Jazz.

On Being Thankful:

I am super appreciative of the people in the industry, the awesome men and women who have been super critical but from an awesome place who have helped me along the way. I am so thankful to Inez Lewis for shooting my first headshots and helping me shop agencies. It feels good when someone sees in you what you see in yourself, that is rare.

In closing: If one could define the word confidence through a phone call, I would call it Summer Wayans! Her high energy is felt right through her voice and from speaking to her you could definitley tell she is a people person with a passion for modeling and education, I am sure we will be seeing more and more of Summer as she rises to the top.

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Limarie Lewis is a Philadelphia native recording artist known as Poetikmind with her independent critically acclaimed album titled "Deep Thoughts Defined". She is a wife, stepmother, poet, writer, Sunday school teacher, administrative assistant and Plus Model with TRUE Model Management. She holds a BA in Elementary & Special Education and enjoys working with youth and empowering women of all ages to love themselves for who they are because they are fearfully and wonderfully made. www.modelmayhem.com/poetikmind


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