How To Dress For Your Body Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

How To Dress For Your Body Shape

With 5 different types of body shape common, it’s no surprise that clothes that suit one person will not suit another. If you’re a bigger lady not all high-street plus size clothing will flatter your figure, whilst shorter women will not simply look great because they shop in the petite section. If you could do with some tips on how to dress your exact body shape, read on:

The apple shape

If your midriff is the widest part of your body, you are considered to have an apple shape body. The biggest tip for apple shape women is to try to create the illusion of a waist whilst detracting attention to your face or legs. The easiest way to achieve this is to go for tops and dresses with an empire waist, although avoid dresses that are too flowing as you don’t want it to be mistaken for a maternity frock. Usually apple shape women have great legs so you can also get away with wearing shorter skirts and dresses which show these off and help balance out your body proportions.

The pear shape

Are your thighs and/or hips the widest part of your physique? If so, you’re a pear shape lady. The number one fashion goal for a pear shape lady will be to slim down this area and instead attract attention up the top, to a great cleavage or beautiful smile. Straight line trousers are the best way to do this as they lengthen your pins and help create an overall leaner silhouette. To bring attention to your upper half go for bright colours and eye-catching embellishments.

The upside down pear shape

An upside down pear shape, or inverted pear, means that you are wider on top than bottom. You’ll have broader shoulders than waist and possible a large bust and narrow hips. Women with this body shape usually have nice slim legs to boot. If you have an inverted pear shape, you’ll want to try and create the illusion of an hourglass to balance out your lower body. This can be done through a-line skirts and flared trousers as well as three-quarter length sleeves which help to lessen the appearance of broad shoulders.

The ruler shape

Despite the straight-up straight-down suggestion, the ruler is actually the most common body shape and means that you have a balance between hips and bust with little definition on the waist. Your legs are your best feature and have great shape. The key to dressing a ruler shape figure is to enhance your waist by wearing figure-hugging designs or adding a cinching belt.

The hourglass shape

The hourglass body shape is the most enviable female forms and is the shape that a lot of women strive to achieve. Your hips and bust are well balanced and you have a nice defined waist too. To make sure you make the most of your great figure, wear clothes that show your proportions. Belts are a great way to accentuate that waist. Due to your balanced physique you’ll be lucky enough to get away with many skirt lengths too.

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    Always use these tips as a foundation to dress your body shape. All fashion-forward plus size women aren’t born with the hourglass shape, but they rely on such fashion techniques to create the shape that they desire! Identifying your shape will help you choose clothes that look better on your plus size frame. The end result is being able to confidently choose glamorous, sophisticated fashions that makes you feel super sexy, confident, and beautiful!

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    Dressing for your body shape is the key to look stunning. Just embrace your body and work fashion on behalf of you. If you don’t know your body shape, you can find it in our website, as well as clothes recommended by stylists for your shape and size.

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