Ivory May of Curvy Girls Acts Up on Stage in L.A.

Ivory May of Curvy Girls Acts Up on Stage in L.A.
Catherine Schuller
Ivory May of Curvy Girls Acts Up on Stage in L.A.

Ivory May of Curvy Girls Acts Up on Stage in L.A.

One Night Only, March 28th, 2013 at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood, California

It’s hard to believe that TEN years have passed since I first saw PIECES at a little Off Broadway theatre in New York. My agent friend had a client in the show and invited me along as her guest. I had no idea what the show was about, but never one to turn down a free ticket, I went with curiosity as she said the show’s tagline was “So You Think Pretty Girls Have It Easy?” That intrigued me and the show turned out to be a double entendre with PIECES meaning monologue “pieces” and also Pieces Of Ass! I sat in the audience and listened as the actresses came out, one by one, delivering their down-in-front diatribes about what it is that defines an attractive woman – from the perks to the priveleges to the problems and pressures.

Each monologue was a personal revelation of each woman’s journey, a concise confession and glimpse into the lives of each of the bevy of beauties ranging from an ex-pageant queen, rape survivor, lipstick lesbian, black sexy goddess, stripper, golddigger, goody two shoes, and on and on. I kept waiting for the curvy woman to tell the plus size gal’s account, but it never came. How could the director think that pretty only comes in one size package?

I went backstage with my agent friend to see her client (I think she was the golddigger) and I told her how much I thoroughly enjoyed the show but how I was a bit disappointed about the curvy omission. She immediately said, “OH! You must tell Brian, the director…!!” I assumed Brian would not appreciate the Schuller Soapbox slam, but she grabbed my wrist and dragged me over to tell him directly to his face! I guess at that moment it was up to me to “represent” and at the very least tell him what I thought. She introduced me, “Hey Brian, this is Catherine Schuller, she is really well respected in the plus size industry and you have to listen to her complaint about the show!!” I didn’t hesitate as I stared at Brian Howie, a pleasant looking brotherly creative type. “Excuse me,” I said with hand on hip, “LOVED THE SHOW…but do you think that pretty girls only come in one figure type? Where is the plus size woman in the monologue lineup?” He looked stunned and smacked his head as if he had a sudden realization that looked something akin to forgetting to turn off the stove. I melted at that gesture and with a sly smirk back at me simply blurted out, “You’re soooo right! Uhm, do you think you could you help me cast that?”

The rest is history as we thought how to make a statement about the modeling world and do it through a monologue from a plus size model. I held several auditions for him, we chose Katie Walters first, then I heard about Ivory May Kalber through Lindsay Harrison and we met and I introduced her to Brian who was sold on Ivory for future iterations of the show. Ivory went into the show and, dare I say, became one of the hightlights of the lineup with her voluptuous version. Who better than the stunning and seductive Ivory May to deliver her monologue with a plus punch and perspective? Fast forward to ten years later and PIECES is celebrating a decade of diva discourse with Ivory Mae as the full figured fixture of the industry and an amazing inspiration to women on and off the curvy catwalk. Ivory’s piece is hilarious and heartbreaking, turbulent and triumphant and in perfect time as the second season of Curvy Girls on Nuvo TV hits the airwaves this spring. It’s a terrific time to see her perform live onstage for one night only at The Fonda Theatre in Hollywood California, March 28th. Go to www.piecesla.com to purchase tickets now. Thanks Brian for being so receptive to my suggestion!! Now, catch her if you can!!

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  1. Mick Kalber

    March 21, 2013 at 1:28 am

    We saw Ivory in PoA five years ago, and she was fabulous! Seriously, don’t miss it!

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Catherine Schuller

CATHERINE SCHULLER’s status is legendary as she is considered one of the pioneers of the full figured fashion industry. After years of acting and modeling she combined standup with fashion and commentated in-store fashion shows at major retail chains for years, then segued into becoming a certified professional image consultant with AICI (Association of Image Consultants International) specializing in the plus size woman.

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