Valentine’s Day Kid Craft: Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers

l_236b0340-a1a3-11e1-bf1c-01bb00400001If you’re a working parent and take your children to daycare as I do, you may dread certain times of the year. Valentine’s Day is one of them. You feel obligated to supply your child’s classmates with goodies and/or cards. I would say the crafty moms annoy me, but I consider myself crafty. It’s not the lack of creativity; it’s the lack of energy and time. So instead of buying another box of lame cards and sweet tarts, I found this neat little craft idea that you can do with the kids. Thanks Martha!

Heart-and-Lollipop Flowers

With just a little TLC, colorful hearts flourish as the petals of a new flower variety –one with a lollipop center and stem.

Materials: Construction paper, scissors, and lollipop (preferably Dum Dums)

1. Use card stock to make a half-heart template about 3 inches high and 1 1/4 inches wide. Fold a 12-by-3 1/2-inch piece of construction paper in half vertically, and trace four half-hearts along the fold.
2. Cut out hearts; unfold.
3. Stack hearts; punch a hole 1/4 inch up from bottom. Position petals to form a flower, making sure holes line up. Secure by applying glue around holes; let dry. Write name on a petal. Insert lollipop.

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