Rihanna Debuts New Pixie Cut And Celebrity Short Hair Inspirations

I’ll be honest. I didn’t watch last week’s MTV Video Music Awards show because interfered with my patriotic duty of watching the Democratic National Convention. I could’ve DVR’d it but I figured I would catch it when they re-aired it. As of today, they haven’t re-aired it but I’ll eventually catch it.

I did catch the red carpet arrivals and like many viewers, I feel in love with Rihanna’s new pixie cut. In my old age I’m a weave wearing diva but back in the day I loved a cute short haircut so whenever a celebrity steps on the scene in a new short hairstyle, I go down memory lane and ponder thoughts of a shorter hairdo.

Right now I’ll stick to my longer hair but if I do decide to go short again, I’ll probably lean on the following celebrities for inspiration. Click any photo to begin the slideshow.

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  1. HoneyT says

    How could you leave out Halle Berry with her famous Pixie Cut? That is her old standby look that she goes back to over and over again. Just google: Halle Berry pixie

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