Can You Love Someone If You Don’t Trust Them?

Can You Love Someone If You Don’t Trust Them?

If you tuned into R & B Divas last night, you witnessed singer Keke Wyatt discussing her trust issues.  Because of a past relationship that ended on a sour note, she has a difficult time trusting her current husband.  As a result, he has to ask her to have a Facebook page and he goes everywhere she goes, including on all female outings. Her behavior was shocking to some but a wake up call to others.  She’s definitely not alone, she just happens to be more outspoken about her feelings than others.

In any kind of relationship that you built, whether it’s work, friendship or love, trust is one of the key factors to making it work.

Did you know that one of the most common reasons given for a romantic breakup or divorce is a loss of trust? If you can’t trust someone, you can’t love them. Love and trust are inseparable from each other.

If you want to build a more trusting relationship with your partner, these five tips will get you on your way!

1. Tell the Truth

Telling the truth can be a hard thing to do sometimes, but no matter how hard it might be, it’s the right thing to do.

Even if it’s difficult, it’s not as bad as it will be if you lie and get caught. One lie can create a loss of trust that is impossible to recover. A little “white lie” can turn a small thing into a major issue. And once your partner has lost his faith in your word, he’ll be suspicious of everything you say.

2. Communicate

The best path to a trusting relationship is through open and honest communication.

It’s only through the time you spend talking together that you can really learn what’s going on inside of each other; and the more you know someone, the more you trust them.

3. Keep Your Promises

While unforeseen circumstances can sometimes put a damper in our best laid plans, in general if you make a promise, you best be darned sure that you can keep it.

If you aren’t sure, don’t make a promise, it’s that simple. It’s much better to show up with a surprise than to make a promise you can’t keep.

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Say “I was Wrong”

We all make mistakes, there’s no shame to be had in it. But when it does happen, you need to own up to it and take responsibility for it.

For instance, if you’ve been less than honest about something, you need to admit it to your partner and apologize – and hope that he’ll be able to forgive and continue trusting you.

Coming clean is better than creating lie after lie to hide your mistake. And of course, don’t make a habit of making the same mistake.

5. Have Faith In Yourself And In Your Partner

If you want your relationship to be strong, you need to know that you’ve made the right decision, and that you’re with the right person.

If you aren’t sure, you won’t have the right foundation for building a strong relationship. However, when you have faith in your partner, he will have faith in you.

Do you often feel like you do not understand your man? Or are you single and have not been able to find Mr Right? Are you doing everything right on your first date with a hot guy?


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