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Handmade Aprons For The Plus Size ‘Sassy Chef’

Handmade Aprons For The Plus Size ‘Sassy Chef’

If you turn your television to any show that aired during the 50’s, you’ll probably catch a woman in the kitchen wearing an apron.   Aprons are typically reserved for waitresses and domestic workers and acts as an outer protective garment so it’s quite possible to get your hands on a drab and boring apron but if Sassy Chef Aprons has anything to do with it, you’ll be cooking in style.

Sassy Chef Aprons are handmade so there are only a few available in each style. According to their website, That homegrown quality lends a crowning touch of domesticity to these unique aprons.

The best part: The Grandway, Sassy Chef Plus and Gloveable laminated sets go up to a XXXL.

For the sassiest chefs, Sassy Chef Aprons carry thigh high kitchen couture.

Thanks to Sassy Chef Aprons your friends and family will forget about your cooking because you’ll look stylish in your Sassy new apron.

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