Gridiron Girls: 10 Fantasy Football Tips Every Girl Should Know

Gridiron Girls: 10 Fantasy Football Tips Every Girl Should Know
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There is nothing hotter for a guy than to see a girl in a football jersey, why not have some insider advice in your pocket to go along with that? With football season on the horizon, plenty of boyfriends, husbands and friends have already begun turning their attention to the game and the “dreaded” fantasy football.

The team at SFF – Suicide Fantasy Football put together a list of tips every girl should know:

  1. Don’t draft Peyton Manning. He’s coming back from injury and will be a big question mark this year
  2. Kickers don’t matter
  3. Draft Brandon Lloyd – You may not know him, but he’s with Tom Brady and that’s a good thing for fantasy football!
  4. Brett Favre retired
  5. Don’t pick players based on looks, just because Sanchez and Tebow are hot, doesn’t mean they can throw a football
  6. Stay away from anybody on the Washington Redskins. That’s right, we said it!
  7. Don’t overvalue teams from your hometown or geographic location
  8. Give your guy a 12:50pm reminder to set his lineup
  9. Pick a really fun team name
  10. Never pick players based on the color of their jersey

How does football season affect your relationship?

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