The Lane Bryant Experience

The Lane Bryant Experience: I have  been on a serious plus size shopping spree lately, searching for new places to shop and revisiting old ones. As we all know, no matter how fly the outfit may be, if you don’t have the right bra to hold up the girls then the outfit falls flat.  I typically go to plus size specialty shops that are extremely expensive and has a plethora of bullet bras. You know the ones, cone shaped with stitching on the outside with huge straps. Not so cute.  I’ve often resolved to getting bras that are the largest cup size the store carries with some slippage underneath. I know it sounds crazy, but for most of the outfits that I wear the large straps and stiff cup just won’t do.

I recently visited my local Lane Bryant to shop for some cute plus size outfits for Full Figured Fashion Week; have to go in style, right? I was all set for bras, having bought my usual brand the day before. The lovely Sales Associate approached and offered a bra fitting. I looked at her smiled politely and said, “I know that you don’t have my size, you never do.” She leans in and says “Let’s just get you measured and see what we have.” I followed her to the fitting room. I didn’t want to be rude but I knew this was a waste of time.

She asked what I was looking for so I just gave her the extreme need- a bra with balconette cut with convertible straps. I knew that she didn’t have my cup size. I had been measured to be a size H in other bra fittings but have never found that size in retail stores so I stopped looking.    She brought back some styles to see if she was on the right track.  She had in hand a beautiful bra, black, convertible straps  in a size 44H!!! I was blown away!

So, I put on this bra and was transformed, literally.  I really hadn’t realized how wrong the bra I was wearing was for me. This beautiful creation lifted and shaped me to perfection. Now it was time to shop.  I walked around STRAPLESS!! I wanted to see if it will hold like it was supposed to. I am happy to report that after bending down, reaching up and walking around the girls continued to salute the sun!

As for an outfit for FFFweek, I tried on several plus size outfits and finally settled on a lovely ensemble that flattered my newly supported curves. I looked for accessories and could not find any bangles to match.  My beautiful Sales Associate literally gave me the bracelet off of her arm! Of course I wore my new found treasure out of the store, I can’t be seen wearing that other bra again.

When I attended the Sonsi “Be-You-Tiful” Event in New York I really felt amazing wearing Lane Bryant and loving my curves! Discover your treasure by visiting

About Features Editor, Cassandra Jones-McBryde

Cassandra Jones-McBryde serves as Features Editor for Daily Venus Diva. She is US Director of the Fuller Women Expo, responsible for bringing together a number of outstanding local and international speakers and celebrities, seminars and workshops that attract attendees, sponsors, vendors and exhibitors from throughout North America. She also the Founder of The Fuller Woman Network which is a network of women from across the world who share our mission of self-love.


  1. Limarie Lewis says

    Yes Cassie the perfect bra makes all the difference! Thanks for reminding us about the importance of getting fitted regulary. I can see how the AWESOME new fit and support helped. BTW You looked fab at the Sonsi “Be-You-Tiful” Event in New York !

  2. says

    Hey Limarie!!

    Thanks so much, it was so great to see you there. I was just trying to get on your level!! Yes it is sooo important to have the right one on, everything is different without it..

  3. Sarah says

    I had a bra fitting this summer and am so thankful that I found out my true size. The right bra size makes a huge difference in how things fit and how I look!!

  4. michelle says

    The right Bra fit is magical, i also went to my local lane bryant store and got a right fit bra. The sales lady was very helpful in locating what is now my favorite bra.

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