Sarah Robles, Weightlifter Secures Sponsors After Competing In 2012 Olympics

Before the 2012 Olympics even began weightlifter Sarah Robles won our hearts. Not only is the “strongest woman in America” a plus sized well dressed Diva (thanks to Jill Alexander Designs), but prior to competing in the 2012 Olympics, stories of her living in poverty began to surface which resulted in us rooting for her even more. In our eyes she is and will always be our girl.  Her message to change the world’s perception as it relates to larger women resonated with us immediately but after finishing in seventh place in the +75kg weightlifting event, Sarah will return to her reality; living on less than $400 a month.

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Existing in a less than desirable living situation did not take away from her experience at the Olympic games.  Throughout her journey, Robles has kept a positive outlook on the entire experience.  She chronicled her journey to the Olympics by blogging on PrettyStrongBlog. The blog was created by Sarah and fellow Olympic weightlifter Jessica Beed.  They created this online space to encourage, support and inspire other female weightlifters.

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Sports such as gymnastics, swimming, tennis and basketball receive a massive amount of publicity every 4 years but the sport of weightlifting isn’t as lucky.  You seldom hear stories of Olympic weightlifters appearing on a box of Wheaties or getting a million dollar contract to endorse a major brand.  Commentators have suggested that this was the result both of the lack of popular attention to the sport of weightlifting, as well as Robles and other women in the sport having larger body types than those of women athletes traditionally portrayed in mass media.

So where does this leave Sarah?

Although Robles has received some sponsorships, every bit helps and her goal is to secure additional sponsors. Her hope is to avoid food banks and pity from those who have heard about her story.  “When you’re an Olympic hopeful nobody knows who you are,” she told Reuters. “Hopefully somebody is willing to invest in me and make me their little project.”

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