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August 2012 Cover Model: LornaLitz

August 2012 Cover Model: LornaLitz

Photographer: Michelle Alexandra Photography | Wardrobe: Jill Alexander Designs

There are highs and lows of being a model and our August cover model, Lornalitz has experienced both.  She established herself as a straight sized model booking clients like Rocawear and Playboy.  Now she’s re-inventing herself as a plus sized model.  Regardless of her experiences the one thing that remains the same is her stunning good looks and her warm and friendly personality.

Before being becoming a plus size model, you were a straight sized model. How was that transition?

The transition has been somewhat difficult and overwhelming. I was a straight size model the majority of my career. As a straight size model, I’ve compiled, established and maintained a strong client list. Unfortunately, I was not happy because I was forcing myself to be something I was not. After I made the decision to gain all my healthy curves back my agency dropped me because they did not have a plus division. I feel like I am starting from scratch. Although it’s somewhat of a challenge, all my hard work is paying off and I am happier now than ever.

When did you realize that you wanted to be a model?

I remember, as young as 5 years old, I would put on my mothers make up, her heels and “Pose” in front of the mirror. I didn’t realize I wanted to become a model until the year of 1994 when I saw Tyra Banks on the cover of ELLE magazine. Seeing Tyra made me feel like I could also grace covers. She was my inspiration during the beginning stages of my career.

Did your formal model training at Barbizon prepare you for the high demands of a model?

Barbizon helped me get out of my tom boyish ways. They taught me how to stay poised, apply make up, what to expect as a working model, etc. No one is really prepared for the high demands of modeling until you’re actually living it. Experience taught me all I know.

What would you say as been your most valuable asset in modeling?

I have many good qualities that are useful in my modeling and acting career. My most valuable asset in modeling, I would have to say is the ability to look diverse. My nickname is the “Chameleon”. I can look Asian, Black, Indian, Middle Eastern and of course Latina. This is a rare and great quality to have.

You’ve modeled for many urban magazines and brands as well as done plus size modeling. Do you find that the reaction from your fans have changed and how has it changed over the years?

I have worked for several different magazines and brands. I graced the cover of Lulu magazine for Lucia Corvelli which is found in Rome, Italy. I’ve had spreads in EGO magazine (Puerto Rico), Salon Sense magazine (United States) and Vibe magazine just to name a few. I had the opportunity to model for Avlon hair campaign in Brazil. I’ve been blessed throughout the years and continue to expand my career, especially now as a plus size model. My fans have followed my success and continue to applaud my accomplishments. Through my new journey as a plus size model I am gaining more fans! I am very thankful for this.

You’ve also received acting training. What made you decide to take acting classes?

I studied formal acting training because I do not want to be one dimensional. I am open to new opportunities. I wouldn’t mind becoming an actress, although my love is modeling and fashion. Hey! Why not be prepared. Preparation is the key to success. 

How has receiving acting training benefitted you so far?

I have done small parts in independent films but nothing major, yet. I feel that perfecting my craft as an actress is important. I want to continue studying. I am actually looking into taking some more courses.

You went from being the only plus size model to compete on NuVoTV’s “Model Latina Las Vegas” to being on “Curvy Girls” for the same network. How has reality television helped your career? 

I never thought reality television would highlight my new journey in the plus size world. It was not easy putting myself out there as the first plus size model on “Model Latina Las Vegas” but at the same time it was an honor. I wasn’t afraid to speak up for what I believe in and that’s changing the industry’s image on what models should look like. For years the size zero has dominated the industry but the average American woman is curvier. We should market to all sizes. Every woman should feel confident and beautiful no matter what size.

Although I didn’t win the title of “Model Latina Las Vegas” my message was heard and soon after I was asked to be on “Curvy Girls”. My career as a Plus size model is blossoming. I guess sometimes when you lose, you win! 

Do you have any final words for our readers?

Tune into “Curvy Girls” this fall on NuVoTV to hear more of my story and see my transition from a straight model to plus model.  Log on to to keep up with what I’m doing.

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