Detroit Debutante Ball Promotes Health, Beauty & Self-Esteem

Detroit Debutante Ball Promotes Health, Beauty & Self-Esteem

Last month, Full & Fabulous Organization hosted, “A Rose Is Still A Rose” debutante ball, presenting 13 metro Detroit girls as poised young women with a renewed sense of self-esteem. I attended the event on behalf of my online magazine geared toward plus size women, Daily Venus Diva.

The young ladies made their debut on June 23rd to a room filled with friends and family members including escorts courtesy of Sam’s Club, Jeff Grinstein, producer of The Curvy Fashion Show and plus size model Shelly King who served as the event’s keynote speaker and recently appeared on TLC’s hit show, Big Brooklyn Style.

Beautiful young ladies ages nine through19 took part in the debutante ball and The Curvy Girl Project, a program that promotes health, beauty and self-esteem.

Growing up I’ve always envisioned debutante balls to be a bit reserved and posh but this definitely was not your ordinary Debutante ball. The ladies opened the ceremony with a choreographed dance routine and entertained the crowd by sharing their individual talents with us. They also participated in a teen fashion show followed by a mother/daughter fashion show.

The highlight of the event was the pledge that they recited as they each received a crown, flowers and a trophy for their accomplishments in the program.

Staying true to the mission of the event, each girl competed for a chance to win an all-expense paid trip to New York city in September. The senior debutante who lost the most inches leading up to the ball not only won a trip to New York, but she’ll also model in Jeff Grinstein’s Curvy Fashion Show during New York Fashion Week.

As fate would have it, recent high school graduate Shannon Harris walked away as the senior debutante winner. What a graduation gift! The junior debutante winner was Serenity Williams and her prize was a $250 gift certificate to go shopping for new clothes.

Two girls walked away the “official” winners, but it’s clear that all of the girls who participated in the event were winners as well.

Before the Debutante Ball:

After the Debutante Ball:

Photography Credit: Deborah A. Culp, Journalist /Photographer

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  1. Gen321

    July 18, 2012 at 5:18 pm

    I am so happy for my former student, Shannon! She and a few other girls were really excited to participate in this program. I am grateful to the founder of Full and Fabulous, for allowing me to bring this program to my students.

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