Aretha Franklin: “I’m surprised Kathie Lee did not research my worldwide celebrity audience!”

With Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez exiting American Idol, celebrities including Aretha Franklin have been very vocal about wanting to be a judge on the FOX reality talent show.

Recently during Today with Kathie Lee and Hoda, the ladies were discussing Aretha’s bid to be a judge. While discussing the hot topic Gifford expressed concern about the youth of today NOT knowing who the Queen of Soul is. “If they are looking for a younger demographic, there are a lot of kids out there (who) actually don’t know who Aretha Franklin is. It’s sad, but they don’t,” Gifford said.

Within hours Aretha Franklin sent CNN this e-mail:

While I enjoy Kathie Lee and Hoda daily, her assessment is totally wrong! I’ve been to California from Detroit four times this year and Florida. I go wherever I choose to go comfortably on my custom bus.  Further, my audience and fans span the age of 8 to 90! And are multi-ethnic, and I am very well known to young adults, tweens and teens. Their parents play my music and I take care of my business whenever I sign on the dotted line!

I’m surprised Kathie Lee did not research my worldwide celebrity audience! She’s usually right on top of things with a great sense of humor, but she’s totally wrong this time. She should research me before she speaks about me. I’m sure she thought she was right; still enjoy Hoda and Kathie Lee!

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    I AM NOT SURPRISED that Kathy Lee did not do any research considering the debacle of an interview she did not too long ago with Martin Short going and on about his wife and how they had such a great love and how did they keep the marriage alive, and how is she doing etc — she died of ovarian cancer in 2010. So no I am not surprised she didn’t know Aretha’s fan base.

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