Jill Scott Sports A New Look: 3 Things To Consider Before Going Natural

Jill Scott Sports A New Look: 3 Things To Consider Before Going Natural

Since bursting onto the music scene with her debut album, Who Is Jill Scott? in 2000, Jill Scott has been dubbed the “unofficial” inspiration and spokeswoman for the Natural Hair Movement.

When I was researching the decision to go natural, I was surprised to see that  many natural hair articles cautioned plus size women on wearing their hair short or in certain styles because of their body types and face shapes but Jill has never paid this any mind. For the most part, we’ve seen Jill rocking short afros, big afros, braids and other funky natural hairstyles.

Around 2007, when she released her album, The Real Thing (a personal favorite of mine), she gave wigs a try but it wasn’t long before she returned to her natural roots. Then about 1 year ago she made her hair and texture change more permanent when she starting sporting a new “relaxed” look. Some people weren’t feeling the look but it’s Jill Scott and she’s like a sister to many of us so we got over it.

Apparently she started to miss her natural hairstyles because Jill recently showed off her new TWA (Teeny Weeny Afro).

Jill Scott rocks a new look while performing at the North Sea Jazz Festival at Ahoy in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Jill Scott gets funky at the 2012 Essence Music Festival

One of the great things about being a woman is variety; variety in fashion and variety in our hair choices. For you plus size divas who’ve been thinking of going natural like Jill Scott, here are three questions from that you should ask yourself before going natural:

1. Can I Do the Big Chop?
No, you don’t have to cut off all of your hair and walk around with a TWA if you don’t want to, but since this is the quickest way to “get on with it,” a lot of ladies choose this path to instant hair freedom. Or what they imagine hair freedom to be. Some women just aren’t comfortable with such short locks, either because they love long hair, feel they look better with lengthier tresses or face opposition from important people in their lives. If you answered “Yes” to this question with no hesitation, you may be ready to take that step to natural hair right now, but if you’re hesitant, no problem — the big chop isn’t for everyone.

2. Can I Accept My Texture?
This can be one of the trickiest areas — acceptance. Some people fantasize about a certain hair texture in their heads, and when their natural hair asserts itself and it’s nothing like the fantasy hair, this can be crushing if you’re not prepared. You may remember your eight year-old self’s hair and think that once the relaxer is gone, you’ll return to that thick, luscious, curly mane. However, when tightly coiled tresses sprout up, looking and feeling very different from what you remember, will you be okay with that? Some women will spend their entire natural journeys trying to beat their natural texture into submission, either with tons of products in search of that elusive “curl definition” or by pressing every week. If you’re truly not ready to accept whatever texture you come by naturally, you may not be ready to go natural just yet.

3. Am I Ready to Spend More Time on My Hair?
Sure, a TWA is the ultimate in low-maintenance ‘dos, but as your hair grows, it will require more upkeep and care. You’ll need to condition and moisturize your tresses routinely, and with products that they love. Detangling natural hair isn’t as quick and easy as detangling straightened hair; neither is shampooing. If you’re the type who wants to jump from bed to shower to out-the-door in mere minutes, long natural hair may not be for you (though a TWA would work out perfectly well).

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  1. Layla Aaron

    July 13, 2012 at 2:13 pm

    WOW! Jill’s new style is fabulous! She looks amazing. It’s a drastic change, but she wears it very well.

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