Beyonce Supports Frank Ocean: How Can You Support GLBT’s In Your Life

Making the decision to announce your sexual preference has to be a tough decision especially if you’re a celebrity who happens to be a homosexual. Living your life privately is one thing but imagine being criticized by the masses.  When Frank Ocean let the world know that he was bi-sexual a number of his celebrity friends supported his decision to be so open by sharing their thoughts on twitter and on their personal websites. The most famous celebrity to support Frank Ocean was Beyonce Knowles. Ocean co-wrote Beyonce’s, “I Miss You” from her fourth studio album.

To show support for Frank Ocean, Beyonce wrote the following poem on her website:

Be fearless, Be honest, Be generous, Be brave, Be poetic, Be open, Be free, Be yourself, Be in love, Be happy, Be inspiration……

According to PFLAG ther ways to support a friend announcing that they’re bi-sexual or homosexual are:

  • Listen to what your loved one’s life is like, and what kind of experiences he or she has had in the world.
  • Take the time to seek information about the lives of GLBT people from parents of GLBT people, friends of your loved one, literature, and, most of all, directly from your loved one.
  • Get professional help for anyone in the family, including yourself, who becomes severely depressed over your loved one’s sexuality or gender identity.
  • Respect your loved one’s right to engage in loving relationships.
  • Look for the injured feelings underneath the anger and respond to them.

Read the entire list: Do’s and Don’ts for Families and Friends

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  1. Chyna PlusSize Life Coach says

    YOU GO B…Thank you for standing up for one Frank Ocean he reallu took a chance with outing his self but I support him 1000% and I will be buying any album he puts out….And I want to give a thumbs down to Target for not selling his album…What? Do they really believe if one of their customer pick it up that gay is going to jump off of the cover and get them???

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