Curvy Women in Hollywood: Conchata Ferrell

I love TV just like the next person but I am not a couch potato. For me to watch a show religiously I need raw talent, realness and comedy. Conchata Ferrell also known as Berta from ‘Two and a Half Men’ is just that. She made that show what it is today.

Some of Charlie Sheen’s best and funny scenes involve Berta. I love how unkept she is, just shows that real talent is hard to hide and find. She isn’t like these Hollywood stars that wear a size 2 and wear tons of make-up and just look unrealistic.

Conchata has her own beauty and spark. Most important to me is that this 69 year old isn’t stopping anytime soon. Her acting career began in the year 1974.

I expect many more great roles from her and she makes me very proud to be a curvy entertainer..

Olga Ramos

About Olga Ramos

Olga addresses the significant impact curvy women have on society and each other. In each issue, she celebrates the plus size woman through inspiring stories and compelling content written for AND about women with curves. Beyond writing, Olga is a proud Latina plus model, actress and motivational speaker who hails from New Jersey. In this capacity, her mission has been to show society and the media that plus size women, as well as today's curvy youth, are just as talented and beautiful as any other women. Where Are You From: Born and raised in Jersey, and a proud Latina of Colombian background. What were you doing before writing for I was working my regular 9-5, raising my 3 sons and living with my adoring hubby and my momz. And I was always day dreaming of writing and DVD gave me my first break. What do you do for I am the support system for all our members from our community and for the loyal readers and followers of Venus. I celebrate them plain and simple. What does it mean to Thrive In Your Curves: Thrive in your curves means to be comfortable with your body, the good the imperfections, embrace all of you. What is your favorite hobby: I am real good with my hands, sewing, doing crafts to decorate my home but my one true passion is gardening. I have a garden that the english can envy. What is in your future: A long relationship with DVD, I want to keep my longevity here. I like the sound of my voice as a plus size confidant woman and I enjoy being heard, I feel so appreciated. What’s so special about It is the support they provide, that special pat on my back that tells me, I have done good. I come here and I can relate to other curvy women, due to their struggles, joys and stories. This place is for everyone.


  1. Kathryn Pless says

    I love her, she is so irreverent and funny. My kids tell me I remind them of her. I take that as a great compliment. She seems like she’d be the cool neighbor you could have a beer with and gossip about everyone with.

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