Can Terms of Endearment Hinder Your Sex Life?

Finally a sex self-help book that is revolutionary, humorous, easy-to-read and inspiring – with practical advice that gets to the core of why your sexual desire diminished in the first place and how to get it back easily and permanently.

Sex is the glue that keeps a relationship solid and, without it, even if you are best friends, good parents and a great team – if you’re living like roommates, your relationship is at risk from failure. In Stop Calling Him Honey…and Start Having Sex! (HCI) authors Julienne Davis and Maggie Arana have the solution for The Roommate Syndrome, a term they coined in this groundbreaking book. Arana and Davis have been in this situation in the past and that is why they wanted to write the book – to share with the millions of women who might have lost the desire to have sex with their spouse that it’s not that difficult to get that spark back.

Challenging the status quo, Arana and Davis have found it’s the everyday things we say and do that can sabotage our sexual chemistry – something all of the other self-help books seem to have overlooked. While other books recommend date nights and sexy lingerie, this one looks at the subtle and powerful ways we dull our desire for each other and offers groundbreaking advice to solve this too-common dilemma.

Through interviews with ordinary women, celebrities and models, the authors compiled some remarkable data. For example, terms of endearment can hinder your sexuality; sharing everything including bathroom habits is not good for a relationship; there is evidence that couples need to argue more, not less.

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