My Full Figured Fashion Week Recap!

This time last week I was still recovering from Full Figured Fashion Week™. From beginning to end, I must say I picked a fabulous time to attend! This was my first time going and I was welcomed with open arms. I was in the company of other FFFWeek virgins and return experts. If you’ve never been – well what are you waiting for? It’s not just about fashion, it’s about information, and it’s about the bond we share as plus size women. It was truly nice to see such a diverse sea of women in not only body shapes and sizes but in skin tones. There were no catty, too-diva-for-you attitudes. From models, to designers, to industry professionals; everyone was so nice and welcoming. If you name them, I took a picture of them (will be posting more soon on Facebook).

Determined not to miss a beat, I flew in from Charlotte to NY that Wednesday afternoon. Had time enough to check in and freshen up then off to the All White Cruise. What a way to say hello to New York! Sailing around as buildings light up the night sky and passing Ms. Liberty herself. I got to see the first all MALE fashion show and meet old friends for the first time, such as our very own Stephanie Penn.

I had my mind set to enjoy my time everyday in spite of having little to no voice, which I now know is bronchitis, missing my beautiful toddler girl, and sore feet from too much heel wearing. And I did just that.

I enjoyed the Social Media Marketing discussion panel. I went not from a bloggers perspective but from a graphic designer and models perspective. I felt the panelist did a wonderful job being engaging and the advice crossed over into any field that you are trying to brand yourself in. I even mustered up the courage to speak during the session!

Next, Curves and Cocktails networking event. Great music, great food, and lots of mingling. I have a stack of business cards I will be going through shortly to make contact with the fabulous people I met.

The fashion shows were hot and on point. I planned and plotted for a year that I was going to go and I’m glad I did. The swag bags had nice gifts from the sponsors like Ashley Stewart and Queen Grace.

Besides seeing my design work in print in the FFFWeek Journal given out at both fashion shows which is beyond awesome, I now have lasting memories, a desire to attend next year, and new friendships. I of course had to take a moment to just jot down my thanks to an awesome lady who made it possible, through illness and work my mom watched my daughter while I enjoyed my very first FFFWeek. Gwen DeVoe and her team did an awesome job. Hope to see everyone
at next year’s FFFWeek!

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