Summer Hair: Sun Dipped Tips

One of the hottest hair trends for the summer is ombre tresses. This technique gives definition to your hair and has the capability to highlight your summer hair cut. I wanted to try a less intense effect and I wanted to try it at home.

I love my hair, however I thought it was too dark around my face for the summer. I wanted to lighten it up without dying my hair completely. I begin with Loreal Couleur Experte Express in French Éclair. The package comes with All over color, highlights and conditioner.

Here are the steps I took to achieve lighter tips.

  1. I began with dry hair that was free from product build up.
  2. I divided my hair into 4 sections, first parting in the middle then down the sides
  3. I secured each section at the root with an elastic band
  4. I mixed the high light color only.
  5. With gloved hands I added color to the ends of the sectioned off hair. Not taking the mixture past my cheek bone in the front and a little higher in the back sections
  6. I combed through the ends of the hair with a wide tooth comb to distribute the highlights
  7. I let the hair process the color for 45 minutes.
  8. I washed the hair from the ends up to the roots then applied conditioner generously.
  9. I dried and styled as usual

Not only was my hair lighter at the ends, but the color was absolutely beautiful and it brought out the layers in my hair cut.

For the future: I think I will add in a lighter blonde color to the ends midsummer to give it a 3 tiered look.

Make a mistake? No worries use the darker base color to color your hair to bring down the highlights. Or use a semi permanent hair dye to dye over your errors and condition your hair.

Nina Taylor

About Nina Taylor

Nina Taylor is a native of Washington DC. Full time she has a career in Medical Education and Part Time she is a Plus Size Model, The 2011 Face of Full Figured Fashion Week, Miss District of Columbia Plus America 2011, Host, Make Up Artist and Writer. Nina also has a strong passion to serve her community. She works with and provides support for pregnant teens, autistic children, donates her knowledge and skills in makeup, fashion and beauty to women in the DC area and abroad. Nina also assists young entrepreneurs in building businesses and has an extensive background in theater, public speaking and consulting.

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